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Our products:

A complete, private cloud based check and credit card processing platform that includes a virtual terminal and payment gateway. We create efficiencies and benefits for both your firm and your clients. CenPOS sits in front of your existing credit card or check processing vendor. CenPOS works with all payment inputs - mobile, online, card swipe etc. and can be integrated to your ERP or accounting software.

How We Crush the Competition:

1. REDUCE THE COST OF ACCEPTING CREDIT CARDS with "user-proof technology". CenPOS is the only solution that optimizes payments automatically so merchants qualify for the lowest interchange fees for each card issuing bank, saving .50% to 1.05% in pure interchange. Quite simply, our hosted software prevents employees from making mistakes that cost you money. Empower lower paid staff to accept payments, without worrying about how it will affect profits.

2. Online payments: Self serve payments: Clients can pay by echeck or credit card online via our custom secure payment object, placed on your web page with just one line of html code. IMAGE BELOW: A secure payment object with required fields fully customized by the merchant. Payment is never on your servers, reducing the scope for PCI Compliance.

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3. Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment. Using your existing accounting or billing system, push out payment collection with electronic invoices, as easy as sending invoices to your laser printer.

  • No integration required.
  • Emails are sent from your domain with custom subject line
  • Clients automatically reminded if the bill is not paid on time.

4. Multi-location hierarchy: Whether to segregate data access or simplify cash flow reporting, the virtual terminal and dashboard capabilities for multiple location firms are unparalleled.

5. Collections: Recurring or installment payment technology is not enough. Larger firms and criminal defense attorneys benefit from flexible VARIABLE installment - any amounts, any dates. The limitations of other solutions are not always fully understood until accounts receivable attempts to set up billing. Bill exactly what you want, when you want. (examples of what clients tell us they don't like about other services: processes if a charge doesn't go through; only charges on the first of the month.)

6. ONE PAYMENT HUB: While other solutions require disparate technologies, creating reconciliation headaches for operations, ours is a single hub for all. Regardless of the payment acceptance method or location, including checks received in the mail, all payment history is accessible from the Virtual Terminal.

7. Reporting: Truly robust reporting, with 7 years data minimum to search. The others are loaded with limitations such as requiring a specific credit card processor, limited time for report data. Every attorney can even have real-time access to their client payments (and only theirs if you so choose), while partners can have broader access to entire departments, offices, regions, or national data. Other vendor reports sound good until you want to look something up. We offer enhanced research capabilities for up to 7 years data, no coincidence matching IRS rules. Search fields include customer name, cashier, partial card number, date, amount, invoice #, auth code, and more. Print or copy/paste any data lookups into spreadsheets.

8. Tokenization eliminates the risks associated with storing credit card data on faxed approval forms, in file drawers, and everywhere else for improved Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance. Random alpha-numeric token's or keys replace full card data. No one ever has access to full card data again, but users can select a stored token for Token billing with our virtual terminal, drastically reducing staff time to process transactions for repeat “card not present” customers. Exclusive: Whenever a card is stored, a printable PCI Compliant credit card authorization form is automatically generated. Clients sign the form as proof they agreed to card storage and recurring billing; the forms are useless if stolen.

Our solution is fully PCI Compliant and works with all major processors.

Operating & Trust Accounts

All solutions support separating deposits from expenses associated with accepting credit cards and electronic checks.

If you accept payments for expenses only, use a single merchant account tied to your operatiing bank account.

If you accept payments for expenses and retainers, use two merchant accounts, one tied to your operatiing bank account and one for trust. All fees are deducted from the operating account.

Operating & Trust Accounts EFFICIENCIES

With a single login, merchants can use a drop down menu to select the correct account for a transaction - operating or trust. This applies for credit cards and even checks in the mail using remote deposit capture.

INTUITIVE AND EASY TO USE: Start charging credit cards in minutes.


Because our solution is hosted, as the payment industry evolves, you'll never need to worry about programming terminals or changing solutions. We continually invest significant dollars to provide added value to merchants through payment innovation. Our merchants typically benefit from major innovations at least once per quarter and there has never been a price increase for services to date.

5 questions to ask before choosing a virtual terminal for your firm:

  1. How long can I search transaction records for?
  2. Can I use any credit card processor?
  3. Can I use the same virtual terminal to record checks and credit cards, including checks in the mail?
  4. How will your technology help our firm improve PCI Compliance?
  5. How will your technology help with automating collections on past due accounts?

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3D Industry Rating

100% of B2B companies analyzed could realize >10% savings per month by implementing our recommendations. Overall, this industry has below average payment processing cost management capabilities and below average PCI Compliance. If there is one category that we can unequivocally service better than any other vendor in the marketplace, this is it.