Merchant Processing Specialty: Hotels, Spas & Resorts

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Typical Problem

Disputed charges for cancelled reservations. Fail to meet PCI compliance requirements because using older systems that require the entire cardholder number to be visible on paper or in a computer in order to close out the bill at the end of the stay.


Access to every transaction with every detail, on demand, for fast access to resolve disputed charges.

Update technology with tools that will mask the full card data.

See also retail: Cost are frequently bundled into 'average buckets' and whenever that happens, the processor is always going to pick a higher average to protect themselves. We offer a completely open solution so customers benefit from every level of interchange rates plus comprehensive reporting.

TIP: Check to see if you are receiving Visa/MasterCard association fees from resolved chargebacks.

3D Industry Rating

65% of hotels analyzed could realize 10%+ monhtly savings or a minimum $1000+ savings per month by implementing our recommendations. Overall, this industry has average payment processing cost management.