Merchant Processing Specialty: Hotels, Spas & Resorts

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Typical Problem

Fraud chargebacks and PCI Compliance issues dominate the industry.

1. Since 2017, hotels were required to make updates to comply with new authorization rules. Failure to comply increases declines, chargeback risk, penalty fees and potential card network assessments. Disputed charges for canceled reservations have taken a back seat to the above.

2. Data breaches continue to plague hotels. Written credit card authorization forms are not PCI compliant and must be replaced. Worse, many hotels are told by their trusted partners they're still OK as long as they're locked up. Not true!


We've developed multiple solutions to meet varying department needs, all of which remove employee access to cardholder data, and put guests in control of their payment methods. With Server-cardholder authentication, fraud liability- I didn't authorize that' shifts to the issuer. This is very different than address verification which provides limited protection and requires staff to respond to disputes. Access to every transaction with every detail, on demand, for fast access to resolve disputed charges.

Our suite of cloud commerce solutions solves authorization and data breach risk from credit card authorization form problems:

1.       Sales invoices, deposit needed. Sales can push out deposit request via text or email; customer self-pays, authenticates identity, and stores card (if needed). This is a much more professional interaction. Nobody likes paper credit card authorization forms due to risk of identity theft.

2.      Direct bill accounts. With our quick invoicing, accounting can upload an invoice and we take over the delivery, payment collection, security, authentication etc.

3.     Third party authorization form. Forget the paper. Our online form checks all the boxes you need to get compliant with card acceptance rules, protect against fraud, reduce PCI Compliance scope, and mitigate data breach risk.

Available as SynXis integrated solution or standalone. Keep your current Point of Sale service provider. Our solutions fix problems that haven’t been addressed for a decade- getting cardholders data out of the hands of employees and systems while shifting fraud liability risk to issuers. Plus, our optional 2-Way texting is a game changer for Guest Services, concierge, and sales.

If you must have a credit card authorization form on file, no problem! We automatically create a PCI Compliant credit card authorization form for every stored card, ready to attach to your sales contracts.

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3D Industry Rating

99% of hotels would benefit from our solutions. Overall, this industry has poor compliance with current rules, directly impacting payment processing cost management, customer experience and data breach risk.