Payment Processing Specialty: Healthcare Industry

Typical Problems

This industry has very poor PCI Compiance, despite the fact that many groups have a PCI Compliance officer on staff. Private Duty healthcare companies rarely utliize best practices for all aspects of PCI Compliance. Merchants also frequently have non-qualified, NQS, EIRF charges on credit card processing statements. Merchants get quotes from many processors and they are all basically the same, lulling the merchant into thinking they have the best pricing they can get, when in fact, they could save a lot of money by improving interchange rate qualification.


Our technology reduces PCI burden and provides a high level of internal and external fraud mitigation risk management.

The keys to controlling costs are reporting transparency and interchange management.


Direct experience with elder care, hospitals, and medical supplies companies. They all have huge issues and often a poor understanding from top management down to the user level, of what is really going on. We know your business and how to solve the problems efficiently, quickly, and without a major capital investment.

Brochure download: 300kb PDF

b2b credit catd processing brochure

3D Industry Rating

100% of healtcare businesses have PCI Complliance issues and below average payment processing cost management capabilities.