Merchant Processing Specialty: Ecommerce and Card Not Present

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See also non-profit merchant accounts.

B2B Brochure download: 300kb PDF

b2b credit catd processing brochure

Typical Problem

Frequent non-qualified, NQS, EIRF charges on merchant processing statements. Merchants get quotes from many processors and they are all basically the same, lulling the merchant into thinking they have the best pricing they can get.


Not all of these charges are avoidable, but with our expertise, we can reduce these to ONLY the transactions that must fall into this downgrade category. The keys to controlling card not present costs are reporting transparency and interchange management.


Staff includes over a decade of experience in ecommerce, direct marketing and B2B. We know your business and most of your software partners.

3D Industry Rating

85% of card not present merchants analyzed could realize up to 20% savings per month by implementing our recommendations. Overall, the biggest firms in this industry have good merchant discounts, but B2B, mid-tier and small businesses have below average payment processing cost management capabilities.