Payment Processing Specialty: Card Not Present


virtual terminal pci compliance


Typical Problems

Private duty home healthcare, law firms, accountants and other service industries have very poor PCI Compiance.

- Regardless of negotiated merchant service fees, merchants also frequently have non-qualified, NQS, EIRF charges on credit card processing statements. Even if Merchants get quotes from many processors and they're all basically the same, lulling the merchant into thinking they have the best pricing they can get, when in fact, they could save a lot of money by improving interchange rate qualification.

- Paper credit card authorization forms are frequently used and misused.


Our technology reduces PCI burden and provides a high level of internal and external fraud mitigation risk management. For example, many of these merchants would benefit from using a P2PE (point to point encryption) card swiper at the time of initial client consultation.

Customer Experience

"We reduced the time to process customer bi-weekly billing by 50%." Owner, Florida private duty home health care company

"Client retention can be directly linked to offering new lockbox solutions Christine suggested, including creating tokens for recurring donors; our customers appreciate the transparency and access to real time transaction data for customer care and accounting. " VP, Lockbox company

"For several years, Christine's personal service, ability to answer questions quickly, and ideas to help us with new technology has reduced stress and enabled me us to do our jobs more efficiently." CFO, national non-profit

"I moved my practice to the cloud and wanted an equally efficient solution for securely collecting client payments. Christine's recommendation was exactly what we needed. The learning curve was almost zero." Partner, Florida law firm




3D Industry Rating

Most businesses that accept credit cards over the phone have PCI Complliance issues and average payment processing cost management capabilities.