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Here's Three Ways Our Payment Platform Boosts Profits:

1. EFFICIENCIES: Clients have reported up to 800% increased effficiency on specific job tasks. From reporting to streamlining the payment experience, accounts receivable, treasury and even sales will all save time so they can focus on other activities. Do you accept wire payments? How automated is that process for accounting? We can help.

2. CUT FEES. Business to business companies reduce their effective rate an average of 11-35%. B2B merchants typically have poor interchange rate qualification, the largest component of credit card processing fees, which results in extra costs. It's a nightmare to not only recognize if you could do better, but also to identify the cause. Who has the time? Our universal payment gateway automatically optimizes payments in less than 2 seconds. Is this all greek to you? All the more reason you need a solution that AUTOMATICALLY helps manage processing costs.

3. AUTOMATE COLLECTIONS. B2B companies reduce DSO up to 70%. What percent of your customers pay on time? How would it impact cash flow if even a portion some paid sooner? Do you have customers who owe you money? Do you have customers that pay later than the terms they're supposed to? We have a number of tools that solve these problems, creating efficiencies for you AND your customers. These tools are proven to boost cash flow and reduce the need for factoring.

There's More

  • Tokens, random alpha numeric characters, replace full card data, never to be seen by anyone again improve Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance. Tokenization eliminates storing credit card data on paper credit card authorization forms.
  • Token billing with our virtual terminal drastically reduces staff time to process transactions for repeat “card not present” customers, saving over over 30 keystrokes per transaction.
  • Automation efficiencies- from empowering customers to self-service payment management on their own schedule, to setting up a series of variable payments to collect on past due accounts, we have numerous ways for you to streamline operations.
  • Reporting: Other vendor reports sound good until you want to look something up. Users discover many time saving benefits after implementing which is why we encourage a free trial.

Improve Cash Flow

Empower your customers to make payments the way they want, when they want. While some businesses prefer to send checks in the mail, a growing portion prefer online payments. We offer a multitude of payment options to reduce float, including EBPP. Do you only want to accept echecks? No problem. You choose what payment types to accept and what methods you want to offer. Learn more, click here:

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3D Industry Rating

100% of B2B companies analyzed could realize efficiency, hard dollar savings and increased customer engagement by implementing our recommendations. Overall, this industry has below average payment processing cost management capabilities and below average PCI Compliance. If there is one category that we can unequivocally service better than any other vendor in the marketplace, this is it.