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If you're serious about improving your customer experience, you need an omni-channel solution to accept payments anywhere, any time. Our cloud payment technology streamlines payment efficiencies for customers, dealers, service shops and industry suppliers.

Best of all, there's no need to change financial relationships- keep your merchant account, your check processor and the same bank deposits you have today. Our payment platform sits in front of your existing partners.

EMV CERTIFIED TERMINAL SOLUTION FOR ALL PROCESSORS: First Data, Vantiv, Paymentech, BAMS, Global and more. Don't get 'ready', get EMV enabled today.

Every software company in the market says they're innovative these days, but none of them offers the value to dealers and their customers like CenPOS.

Service and parts have both internal and external fraud problems, sometimes with outsiders in collusion with internal staff. To improve speed in service departments, dealers are expanding service bays, and increasing the number of staff that accept credit cards. Cashiers and dumb equipment terminals are incapable of preventing errors that increase payment processing costs.

  • Did you know countertop terminals are not even capable of processing transactions at the lowest cost?
  • There's only ONE payment gateway certified for level III processing for retail AND key entered transcactions? (plus ecommerce, etc) The average savings is 27% in fees for shops with business to business component.
  • Did you know if you key-enter a transaction on a retail merchant account, you're automatically charged the HIGHEST NONQUALIFIED rate possible for the card type, unless you have special technology?


Intelligent Host-based payment processing technology with tight anti-fraud controls and extensive real time reports. Key elements:

  • FLEXIBLE HARDWARE : Signature capture terminal including mobile devices such as iPad or Droid- customers sign on the terminal. Signed receipts can be retrieved on demand for years to defend chargebacks. Accept credit, debit, checks, loyalty cards all in one terminal.
  • MANAGE ACCESS: Assign every user privileges based on the risk associated with that level employee. Every transaction is tied to a unique user, eliminating 'someone else did that'. Add, delete and modify users on demand.
  • AUTOMATED ALERTS: Create transaction threshold alerts by user, even your most trusted employees, by dollar amount and frequency.
  • FRAUD PREVENTION: Numerous controls to prevent fraud from ever happening. Manage by user, location, and organization.
  • REAL TIME REPORTS: From reconciliation to organizational totals, infinite reporting capabilities on demand for all non-cash payments, including check, credit, mobile and ACH.
  • LEAST COST ROUTING: Technology automatically identifies lowest cost method to process and sends the data needed, eliminatiing human errors. This applies to routing for checks and check guarantee also. If your solution for retail level III data processing

3D Industry Rating

Overall, this industry has above average payment processing price agreements, expecially for large dealer groups. However, there are numerous opportunities to improve EBITDA. Here are typical weak areas:

- In our studies, 100% of all dealers large and small were not in full PCI Compliance, opening their companies up to substantial financial liability in the event of a data breach.

- Technology updates can reduce costs. Essentially, the dealer has a great price PLAN but is missing technology REQUIRED to drive transactions via the least cost method, balancing risk and other factors.