Virtual Terminal

Versatile enterprise virtual terminal supports transactions from all sales channels-no new merchant account required.

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Transaction Types Supported

  • Sale
  • Repeat Sale (Tokenization)
  • Authorization
  • Force
  • Return
  • Void
  • Check Processing
  • Gift Card Processing

Top 5 Virtual Terminal benefits vs. competition:

  1. Smart rate selector - Automatically picks the best way to process every transaction so merchants pay the lowest qualified interchange rate.
  2. Efficiencies - From reconcilation to processing transactions with stored card data, to automatically reminding customers to update expiring credit cards, time saving features are everywhere that improve the merchant internal and external customer experience.
  3. Record retrieval - Minimum 7 years data research, incuding signed receipts
  4. Token billing for all channels, same token across payment channels
  5. Scalable Security - from Global fraud settings to job based, the merchant risk management is significantly more robust and scalable than other solutions.

Virtual Terminal benefits vs. desktop terminal:

  • All you need is a computer and high speed internet to accept credit cards.
  • No software to download- ever. With a host based solution you just login via a secure web page.
  • Always up to date with the latest parameters for interchange qualification (the wholesale cost of credit card processing).
  • Compatible with all major payment processors.
  • PCI Compliant. No credit data is ever stored at your facility.
  • No opportunity for unauthorized access to equipment.
  • No phone line cost.
  • Access from anywhere.

virtual terminal

Virtual Terminal Features: Which of these do you need?

  • Basic sale, void, refund.
  • Daily batch reports, transaction look up.
  • Least cost routing will identify the lowest cost method to process a transaction and pass all data needed to qualify for it. This is NOT just providing the standard level II data that 99% of other virtual terminals deliver. If you're not sure, ask. If you have corporate customers, this is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
  • Level III processing for retail and or MOTO and other payment channels .
  • Recurring billing or installment payments. The customer pays the same amount on a fixed schedule.
  • Repeat billing- your customer asks you to keep their card on file for billing purposes, but there is no set schedule or amount. Save TONS of time. After entering data one time for a client, simply enter the token ID and amount you want to charge for subsequent transactions.
  • Maximum user control. PCI Compliance now requires that merchants limit access based on job descriptions. Our system will enable merchants to create unlimited user roles. As technology and features change, and they will, merchants can instantly add more permissions to a role. Micro manage who can see reports, who can give refunds, set thresholds for instant email alerts by dollar amount of sale or of refund, set criteria to approve a transaction by threshold amount etc. Best for larger organizations or where job functions vary.
  • Extensive real-time reports including activity by user, time of day (staff planning), facility or region, card type, general ledger item and many more. Dynamically create graphic and downloadable spreadsheet reports. Best for companies seeking tighter business controls and insights.
  • Fees deducted from transactions or once per month? Nobody who does reconciliation likes fees netted, but that's exactly what some other solutions, including mobile apps, do.
  • Do you need more than just name and card information such as assign payments to categories or general ledger codes, account numbers, or invoice numbers?
  • Batch upload transaction data to process.
  • Multiple bank accounts- different accounts for deposits, credits, etc.
  • Multiple payment types to include credit cards, ACH, and checks.
  • Integration with other systems- API connectivity.
  • Multiple payment channels- a back-end that supports more than just the virtual terminal including but not limited to web payments, ecommerce and retail store.
  • Always up to date with the latest parameters for interchange qualification (the wholesale cost of credit card processing).
  • Least cost routing will identify the lowest cost method to process a transaction and pass all data needed to qualify for it. This is NOT just providing the standard level II data that 99% of other service providers deliver.
  • Compatible with all major payment processors.


Video- This video shows an in-depth view of reporting.


Visit our channel on Unbeatable for more in-depth videos at or view a general overview of capabilities, including for brick and mortar.

PCI Compliant solution. Many companies are worried that accepting credit cards by key entering into a secure web page is risky. Unfortunately, many companies engage in much higher risk business practices including storing card data in file drawers.


  • If you have an existing merchant account, you can start processing within 1 to 5 days.
  • One master admin is created. You can create as many users you need, and control their privilege levels.

Industry applications:

  • Business to Business bill distribution and automated collections manager
  • Professional services including law firms, accountants, staffing, lock box
  • Service companies
  • Manufacturers
  • Any business to business company
  • Multi-location retail


How much does it cost? It depends on the features needed. There are three main price points that encompass all the virtual terminals we have available. (This is not an offer!)

  • Free- included with your merchant account. Free always comes at a price, doesn't it?
  • Monthly fee plus a per item fee.
  • Monthly fee plus a combination of a percentage of the sale and a per item fee.
  • Our advanced technology platform does not require a new merchant account. Fees may include monthly base, per item fee and or a percentage transaction fee.

How do I choose the best virtual terminal for my company?

  • Download the Virtual Terminal Comparison Chart.
  • Decide what features are critical.
  • Are you willing to pay extra for those features? (TIP: added feature costs are often offset by other business benefits).
  • Call or contact us for a free consultation.

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