Token Billing

What is token billing?

Token billing enables a user to charge a credit card or checking account using an alpha numeric character set that replaces senstive account information. Tokenization enables secure storage of encrypted credit card data. Our PCI Compliant solution enables you to control spiraling credit card fees, reduce fraud risk, and see real time cash flow reports.

Use Token Billing to charge a VARIABLE AMOUNT to the same credit card.


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Token Billing Solution Features:

  • Host based solution. No software to download.
  • Always up to date with the latest parameters for interchange qualification (the wholesale cost of credit card processing).
  • Smart rate selector will identify the lowest cost method to process a transaction and pass all data needed to qualify for it. This is NOT just providing the standard level II data that 99% of other service providers deliver.
  • Compatible with all major payment processors.
  • Level III processing supported for business to business needs.
  • PCI Compliant. No credit data is ever stored at your facility or on your devices.
  • Save TONS of time. After entering data one time for a client, simply enter the token ID and amount you want to charge for subsequent transactions. token billing

Customer and Billing Management

  • Add multiple contracts for a single customer.
  • Add multiple cards for a single customer.
  • Choose the priority order of which cards get charged.
  • Charge a single payment.
  • Assign payments to general ledger codes with supplied XML templates.
  • Automatically email customers reminder notices for expiring credit cards
  • Automatic receipts emailed from your domain.

Dashboard reporting

  • identify expiring credit cards
  • Extensive insight into types of cards submitted, including card issuing bank.
  • Customer directed hierarchy - organize divisions and operating entities. View revenues dynamically in real time. token card expiration report

User management

  • Complete control over EACH feature a user has access to including sale, void, refund, auth adding new customers, reports etc. Improve risk management and reduce risk of internal and external fraud with the most advanced user controls of any system available.

PCI Compliant

  • Certified PCI Compliant
  • Tokens issued - never store a credit card at your facility again

Flexible Implementation

  • User friendly interface to key enter
  • API available to integrate with your existing systems
  • Users do not leave your web site to make payments

Industry applications:

  • non-profit donations
  • political donations
  • bill payments
  • medical billing
  • law firms
  • accountants

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