Merchant Services: Enterprise Risk Management

3D MERCHANT difference

  • Reduce scope for merchant PCI Compliance (mandatory Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards)
  • Mitigate risk of internal and external fraud
  • Reduce risk of lost dispute / chargeback losses
  • Simplify risk management with business managed rules & automation

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Omni-channel Enterprise Payment Solutions

Managing and controlling risk without disrupting the user experience are a key concern for everyone. It's not just credit card transactions, but all payment processing types that need oversight.

Our scalable cloud technology provides flexible rule- based control. Manage fraud risk prevention globally, by business location, and or by user job function, and automatically distribute alerts.

Keep your financial partners (check, wire, credit card)

Fraud costs you time and money. Don't make it easy to steal. After a loss, the first question is, how could it have been prevented? We provide those tools that work seemlessly in the background so technology, not people skills, are the primary fraud defense mechanism.

Data Breaches:

Contrary to common belief, a data breach does not only occur via computer.
Which is easier?

a) Copying stored credit card authorization forms left on desks and file drawers

b) Breaking into a PCI Compliant data server center and breaking the code for encrypted card data?

HINT, if you think the answer is B then the entire US financial system is in dire danger.

When solutions are compared, there is simply nothing else so elegantly designed to empower businesses to mitigate risk of internal and external fraud as what our customers get. For example, for retail, our customers average 75% pin debit conversion, vs 10% before immplementation; pin debit reduces the dispute period from 120 days to 14 days.

Frequently we find merchants that are not CISP (Cardholder Information Security Program) compliant. The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard offers a single approach to safeguarding data.