Boost Cash Flow By Leveraging Payment Technology

Streamline receivables management by:

  • Reducing costs and errors associated with paper-based receivables
  • Minimizing mail and data float
  • Offering more payment options
  • Reducing customer payment friction
  • Automating electronic payments
  • Automating payment reminders
  • Automating multiple scheduled payments (any time, any amount)

Invoice Management

  • Automate electronic delivery (Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment or EBPP)
  • Customer self-service portal to retrieve invoices
  • Automated reminders for unpaid invoices
  • Automated discounting terms by number of days and payment type (ACH/ credit card)
  • You choose payment types - credit card, direct debit/ ACH, wire, Paypal, other

Depositing Payments

  • Automated Clearing House (ACH, USA echeck only) - Streamline collection processes and reduce labor associated with paper checks. Customers increasingly are seeking to eliminate paper checks.
  • Direct Debit - for deposits to international countries.
  • Merchant card processing - an increasing number of B2B merchants are accepting credit cards to support purchasing and business card acceptance requests from their customers.
  • Payment Gateway- required security element for processing electronic payments. Your payment gateway choice can significantly impact profit margins.
  • Remote Deposit Capture - Deposit checks received in the mail. Lockbox or merchant direct.
  • Wire - eliminate wasted time identifying what a wire transfer is for.

Receivables Reporting

  • Make faster decisions based on past history.
  • Online imaging- quickly retrieve check and credit card transaction data (signature capture where applicable)
  • Cash flow dashboard, open invoices, past due invoices
  • Graphical reports for quick business insights and actionable decision making

Risk Management

  • Automate custom report KPI report delivery to multiple employees to protect against insider fraud at higher management levels
  • Before increasing customer credit line, see not only when payments were made, and whether they were paid on time, but whether a card was declined, an indication of credit stress.
  • Tokenization replaces sensitive payment information
  • Guaranteed payment with consumer authentication

Merchant Receivables Cash Advance

  • The rate of the advance is typically based on the historical receipts and general health of the business.
  • Repay loan with a small percentage of daily credit card receipts until the advance is paid in full.
  • Increase working capital without a traditional bank loan.


  • Light and easy API's for integration to any software
  • ERP and accounting modules available
  • Interface to your existing merchant services provider
  • If hardware needed, buy from anywhere
  • No software to install, always up to date in the cloud
  • Level I PCI Compliant- reduce PCI burden
  • Hosted payments - reduced PCI Compliance