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We can work in almost any type of POS environment. We also support industry-specific terminal features and hardware platforms that feature Ingenico, VeriFone , Omni®, Hypercom® ICE, Lipman® Nurit and TeleCheck® Eclipse Payment Terminal, among others. And if you already own your terminal, in most cases we can convert you to new processing platform quickly and easily. In fact, for network POS systems, the conversion is just a few key entries. We'll coordinate with your POS software provider for a smooth transition on a date and time that is most convenient for you.


Types of POS Equipment


Turn any PC into a POS terminal. All you need is a computer with Internet access. Basically a secure connection is established to the processor. No data is ever stored on your computer so it's easy to maintain compliance. Peripherals include a receipt printer and a card reader. Printing receipts to any desktop printer, or a receipt printer. We frequently recommend USB Magtek card readers to swipe cards. Options vary by need and processor. There is no cost other than peripheral equipment.

Signature Capture terminals Paired with our CenPOS solution you'll have an advanced solution for Least Cost Routing, plus easy retrievals of signatures on retail transactions. Built in pin-pad for debit processing can reduce your payment processing costs. Read more Ingenico i6550 signature capture terminal and the Ingenico i6580 signature capture terminal (same unit with color display) .

signature capture terminal

Desktop terminals. Typically these connect via a standard phone line, though RS232 jacks are pretty standard also. Any device that is PCI Compliant can be connected to our processors. Refurbished units start at $135.

Wireless terminals. Though there is a $199 unit ,most customers have needs that required the units that are $500 and up. The wireless terminal must be matched to the processor. We recommend you get a built-in pin pad with 3DES, PED certified, and track 1 and track 2 at a minimum.

Card Readers. The card reader connects to any PC so that the magnetic strip on the credit or debit card can be read for the transaction. It's usually connected by USB. Magtek readers are known to be extremely relaible and we recommend them.

magnetic strip card reader

Pin Pads- all pinpads must have Triple DES or 3DES by 2010 in order for you to be compliant. Pinpads can be built in to an overall terminal, or attached to a desktop.


POS Systems compatibility- Softbrands, Shift4, activegolf, Radiant, Agilysys, Storis, and many others. Over 100 certfied shopping carts and multiple payment options. Basically, you'll have nearly unlimited flexibility, though there are a few POS solutions that are hard coded to work only with one processor.

Virtual Terminal The virtual terminal is used for ecommerce, fundraising or any other card not present situation. Not all virtual terminals capture the data needed for optimum interchange rate qualification, but you'll never have to worry about that with us.

Mobile Payment Solutions- Connect a Magtek card reader to your cell phone or laptop and you've got a mobile solution for swiped transactions.

We are not in the hardware business. But with thousands and thousands of 'locations' we certainly get to know what works and what doesn't. Most importantly, for complex situations, we know the right people to connect you with for smooth transitions.

  • We allow customers to buy through our wholeales channels to get the best prices
  • We recommend the most dependable terminals for the typical retail store environment.
  • We partner for more complex installation and upgrades.
  • We'll refer you to any solutions we recommend if you prefer to deal direct.

In most cases, customers continue using their existing equipment even after changing to our processor. In this case, a call is placed to the hotline from the terminal and a software download is initiated.

What about leases, free equipment and free supplies? There is a solution for every situation. We all know nothing in life is free. When someone offers you a FREE terminal, they are making up for it somewhere else, usually in higher effective rates that you'll pay year after year after year. A word of caution on 'free POS terminals" that are featured throughout the internet- not all terminals are security compliant.

POS Systems: Our platforms are certified for most POS software packages. Switching to our platform globally is very easy and usually requires only minor changes to identify your new processor.

Notes from September 2008.

New XD1000 puts together wired and wireless countertop terminal combination at new lower price point.

Notes from September 2007.

Hypercom's are extremely popular because they are typically inexpensive. Many companies give them away for free and offer free replacements. We recommend the Hypercom t7Plus for it's speed, reliability and big paper rolls.

The Omni 3200 by Verifone is an excellent standalone terminal. Based on call center responses, it is one of the most reliable units on the market.

The Omni 3750 is the ONLY choice (at this writing) when you have a both retail and phone order (MOTO) merchant account and you want to enter sales via the same desktop terminal. You can actually run two different accounts from one terminal to take advantage of different pricing structures. Because this machine has a small roll at 90', some may prefer to keep two machines.

The Nurit series includes good wireless terminals, great for trade shows.