EBPP - Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment

How many DAYS is it from the time you're ready to invoice until the customer actually pays the bill?
How much does it COST to collect on an invoice? (print, mail, email, repeat until paid)

Don’t just automate electronic invoices, benefit from a solution that reduces float time, increases cashflow, and creates efficiencies. If you accept credit cards, it even optimizes payments to qualify for lower fees with your existing merchant account. Common savings are 30%!


CenPOS EBPP Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment Enterprise Level III Solution from CenPOS / 3D Merchant

Better than electronic invoicing, our solution enables customers to make payments right from the email. Why is this important? Because people who like to pay online also tend to have more than one account. Guess what? They can't remember all their logins so the email sits until another day or is forgotten. Or, the a/r person is on vacation or leave of absence. By delivering the invoice and the ability to pay, you'll dramatically reduce time from invoice to payment collection.

What is EBPP?

Electronic Bill Presentment enables a merchant to send an invoice electronically, instead of via the mail.

Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment adds the extra feature to securely accept payments.

Technology, not software. Host based solution. No software to download.

Key EBPP differentiation: No integration required- works with your invoicing system!

  • Pay from email or text message, no login required.

Our EBPP differentiations for credit card acceptance:

  • Least cost routing will identify the lowest cost method to process a transaction and pass all data needed to qualify for that rate, including level 3 data for corporate, purchasing, and business credit cards. This is different than what 99.9% of other service providers deliver. “Interchange qualification” is easily the most important factor in controlling your credit card processing fees, especially if you already have great pricing from your merchant services provider.
  • Compatible with all major credit card processors.

Customer and Billing Management

Most companies focus on sending notices and getting customers to login to see their bill. We’re focused on giving customers immediate access to invoice and payment information to reduce float time for collecting payments.

  • System automatically resends invoices and reminder on schedule you decide. (One click report to see past due accounts.)
  • See all customer invoice payments, regardless of payment method or location; Cash, check, online, kiosk, walk-up.
  • Automatic receipts emailed from your domain.
  • API integrations .

Account Management & User Management

  • Complete control over EACH feature your internal user has access to including sale, void, refund, reports etc. Improve risk management and reduce risk of internal and external fraud with the most advanced user controls of any system available.
  • Look up account records by customer name, invoice number, date and other cirteria for up to 7 years.
  • Extensive insight into types of cards submitted, including card issuing bank.
  • Customer directed hierarchy — organize divisions and operating entities. View roll up revenues dynamically in real time.

Reduce the cost of accepting electronic payments

Offer echeck or ACH transfers at a fraction of the cost of credit cards. YOU decide what you want to offer, and modify any time.

Credit cards: Logic switch eliminates issues that cause higher credit card processing costs, including human error and hardware/software limitations. We improve your qualifying for lower rates with interchange optimization. Dynamically route deposits exactly where you want, automatically. Authorize.net, Payflow Pro and other gateways do NOT do this. They have no logic.

Reduce expired card issues

Have you used our token billing service to securely encrypt and store card data? It automatically notifies customers to update their billing information so they don’t miss a payment.

PCI Compliant – Securely Store Customer Data

Customers can optionally choose to store payment data for faster future payments; no one ever has access to the credit card information again and only the last 4 digits are visible. All customer data is stored in our innovative host-based level 1 PCI compliant system, including encrypted card data, which is replaced by randomly generated alpha-numeric 'tokens' or 'keys'

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