Credit Card Processing

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Are you tired of the same old rhetoric? "We promise to reduce your credit card processing fees with our new lower wholesale rates, I just need your merchant statements." Blah, blah, blah.

We help distributors and manufacturers reduce credit card processing fees an average of 37%, and increase collections productivity up to 800% for some tasks.


Regardless of how great a deal merchants say they have, about 85% of the accounts reviewed have room for improvement. The main reason is that probably 90% of US salespeople all offer virtually the same thing, so the merchant is not exposed to anything different. The interchange system is so complex that with high industry sales turnover, processors don't invest in teaching them the intricacies of interchange. The result: only the lucky merchants ever find a sales agent that will truly provide wholesale pricing.


While companies focus on negotiating the discount rate, over 95% of your what you pay is interchange fees, therefore, managing interchange rate qualification is critical to controlling costs. Manufacturers and distributors can save as much as 40 basis points by focusing on this area. Supporting level III data is a piece of the puzzle, but not the solution. Nor is an ongoing monthly merchant statement analysis. You need a technology solution to automate meeting complex requirements of interchange rate qualification. Relying on employees to do the right thing is simply not an option.


There are many ways other than the merchant discount that you can reduce costs. With the right tools you can reduce staff time to complete tasks, improve customer service, reduce fraud, and reduce charge backs. For example, how much time is spent on collections? One way we automate this is with a payment scheduler- any amount, any time, even multiple payment methods. Another way is by offering US EMV certified terminals with level III processing for retail; 99% of banks and acquirer today are recommending solutions that do not support this.


Steer customers to lower cost payment methods. For example, create rules to automatically discount if paid by ACH.


We offer all the Credit Card Processing Services you would expect from the USA's biggest processors, including card brands VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Gift and loyalty cards. We have relationships with all the big processors - we'll select the best one for your business.

We connect for whatever method you need: POS, ecommerce, web payments, mobile payments etc.

All merchant accounts are established direct with the recommended acquirer. All credit card processing companies are not alike, nor are the organizations like ours that consult with you. Three things we do to stand out:

    • We provide our customers tools to MANAGE the cost of accepting Visa & MasterCard.
    • We provide ongoing consulting- it's not a one time sale, it's a long term relationship in which we continually invest our time to educate, inform, and manage all aspects related to credit card processing.
    • We are independent- we have access to multiple credit card processing solutions and we pair you with the right solution for your business type and situational needs.