Cost Reduction Services

We specialize in medium size businesses.

Expense reduction category list for review.

Would you like to reduce costs but keep same vendor? We share with you our expert analysis, contract negotiation and contacts in return for a share of the savings.
Would you like to reduce costs and are vendor indifferent? Benefit from our buying power and share the savings.
Either way, you’re with top tier suppliers in every category. We don’t sacrifice quality for dollar savings.

We differentiate ourselves with a unique set of business expertise and values. We're able to negotiate better terms because our experts have worked exclusively in the categories we represent.

You can use your own vendors- or switch to one we recommend. Our mission is to deliver you a set of tools, pricing and solutions that will improve EBITDA through lower costs and improved operational efficiencies.

We cover 60+ Categories including but not limited to:

  • Shipping - Fedex & UPS
  • Telecom
  • Commercial cleaning
  • Office supplies
  • Energy
  • Plant leasing
  • Uniforms, mats
  • Fuel cards

What are your biggest expenses that you'd like to reduce? Over 80% success rate in cutting costs in nearly any business expense area.

  • No upfront fees
  • Pay only after savings realized

Cost reductions are only valuable if you can get equal or better services and products.