Check processing


  • Optional technology- fully integrated check and credit card platform enhances research, reduces reconciliation time, and improves efficiencies. Tokenization for recurring variable and fixed ACH offered.
  • Improve cash flow
  • Save time and reduce overhead by eliminating trips to the bank
  • Improve treasury management with real time reporting
  • Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP) with optional check services available
  • Multi-country direct debit, multi-currency supported

Robust suite of check processing products, enables you to use one supplier for all your payment inputs, whether echeck, credit card, or check guarantee.

The image below is a screen shot showing the 'repeat check' module, from our universal check processing platform. This is one method we offer to charge regular clients a variable payment amount without having to re-enter data all the time. Example uses: in-home staffing, real estate leasing. Whether you push out invoices via mail or invite your customers to pay online, this will save you time. With minimum 7 years data storage, matching IRS requirements, there's no better way to create efficiencies in your organization.

echeck recurring ach

The image above was selected to show you one of many ways we differentiate ourselves from other check processing providers. The fields shown are set up by the administrator to comply with check processing requirements which vary by vendor. You may have different fields that you require. All the usual check processing methods are available as well.

CSV export, API integration, ERP integration are all available on our flexible, scalable platform.

Point of Sale: Accept checks at the point of sale and deposit funds electronically.

Back office conversion: Scan checks and transmit for posting and clearing.

ACH processing and billing: Process a single check or set up recurring payments from both consumer and business checking accounts.

Webcheck: Accept check payments online on a 'pay ' page or integrate into shopping cart.

Remote Deposit Capture (check 21) get checks deposited fast, even with a lean staff. Many choices for check scanners today from single to stacks of checks. Advanced system will eliminate duplicate checks and includes other validation tools for quality assurance.

Data integration- Do you use fundraising software or other customer management tools? You can extract data and import into other software and save hours of manual key entry. import/export. If you have recurring payments, you can even tie this back to your database as well.

Web based reporting- access data from anywhere. If you use an offsite service to process your checks, you can still access all the data for research and repurposing.

Fast, efficient- outsourcing check processing does not have to be a necessity.

Flexible- ground up programming, not old legacy solution ensures data formats you can work with now and in the future. XML, ACH, POD and more.