Batch processing


  • Upload transactions for multiple merchant accounts in a single file
  • No login to web portal needed for upload or report retrieval
  • Response files automatically appear in specified desktop or network server folder
  • Custom field availability for any use


The image above is a screenshot showing how to select file for upload. This is one of multiple methods to upload files.

Batch upload system:

This application allows for the upload of a CSV file of data for the purpose of processing a large number of transactions.

Real time web based reporting- access data from anywhere, 24/7. Unlike other solutions, there is no 24 month limit on data storage.

Token billing & token creation from file upload supported. Tokens can be retrieved in the Virtual Terminal or mobile app for repeat billing.

Omnichannel- the same payment platform can be used for all sales channels, reducing PCI Compliance burden.

PCI Compliance

To use this service, merchants and third party service providers must have the appropriate PCI Compliance certification. Since touching full data, this means an annual on site audit, in addition to PCI scanning.