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Do you need to make changes to be PCI Compliant?

What systems do you have in place to automatically manage interchange fees, the biggest component of your credit card processing fees?

If there was internal fraud in your company, how long would it take to find out?

CenPOS is a SaaS payment technology solution with an intelligent switch that solves these and other problems better than any other solution on the market. It makes your existing solutions work better. It is NOT credit card processing. CenPOS is ideal for mid and large size businesses including check or credit card.


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Update November 2103:

CenPOS Level III processing certifications now includes Chase Paymentech, First Data Nashville, Vantiv, TYSYS, and Moneris.


CenPOS Overview- Payment Processing Engine overview from CenPOS / 3D Merchant

For sales, referral and agent programs contact Christine Speedy direct line 954-942-0483

Built to help companies get more value out of their payment systems while combatting the rising cost of electronic payments, CenPOS solves merchant problems with host based technologies not available through other channels.

What is CenPOS? CenPOS is a merchant-centric, end-to-end payments engine that drives enterprise-class solutions for businesses, saving them time and money, while improving their customer engagement. CenPOS’ secure, cloud-based solution optimizes acceptance for all payment types across multiple channels without disrupting the merchant’s banking relationships.

How does CenPOS work? CenPOS uses host based software and no data is ever stored on your computers.

Here's an example of process change for the retail environment:

- In a traditional retail transaction, the cashier enters the sale, the customer swipes their card and the cashier may then ask questions including " May I see your card?", " Will that be debit or credit?", or "What's your zip code?".

- In a typical retail CenPOS transaction, the cashier enters the sale, the customer swipes their card and transaction data passes to CenPOS which triggers a response in less than 2 seconds. The response could be transaction approved and prompt for signature, prompt for PIN #, or other criteria. CenPOS determines what information is needed to process at the least cost and automatically prompts the cashier or the customer for what it needs, removing the cashier from making decisions or errors with costly implications. (Errors on credit transactions cost merchants up to 70 basis points or .70%.) CenPOS is an intelligent engine using numerous factors to determine the next step after the sale is entered. Best of all, since it is host based, you won't need terminal updates to have the latest software. The terminal is essentially a slave.

- CenPOS provides similar astounding benefits for ecommmerce and MOTO transactions.

Additional information is available by scheduling a conference call or Webex Demo.

Is it easy to use? Yes, for the merchant, the customer and accounting. It's DIFFERENT but it's like going from the days of 14k modem to high speed internet. You'll never want to go back.

What else does CenPOS do? Please call for more information. The solution offers amazing benefits, including meeting current PCI Compliance requirements.

How much does CenPOS cost? A small fraction of your transaction costs.

Who is CenPOS for? CenPOS is ideal for multi-channel and multi-location retailers, business to business, manufacturers , distributors and professional services. Software companies can bring new products to market faster with reduced PCI compliance burden.

Also, more info is in Christine's CenPOS blog.

Who are your competitors? The patent pending technology simply has not been readily available to mid-size merchants with the depth of features offered by CenPOS. Time and time again, when the facts are revealed, there is NO COMPETITION.

How can I find out more about CenPOS? Call Christine at 954-942-0483. I work directly under the company Chairman at CenPOS.

ABOUT CenPOS: CenPOS is a universal hosted payment processing platform. Initially created for the automotive industry, CenPOS is now available to all businesses.

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3D Merchant Services is the marketing entity of Christine Speedy, whom specializes in CenPOS global sales and partner development for technology, manufacturing/distributor, and automotive customers. Christine offers only CenPOS direct agreements to merchants and partners- there is no middleman. When you call Christine, you're buying from the manufacturer.