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Cenpos Check processing now certified with TTech, CrossCheck, United TranzAct (formerly National Check Trust). ACH, Check 21, and check guarantee.

Accept Online Payments

Our PCI Compliant solution empowers you to accept payments online with little effort and it works with your existing merchant account. Have you seen a “make a payment button” and wished you had one for your web site? Online payments are a great tool to improve collections.

At it’s simplest, the payment button links to a secure web page, hosted by a third party.This is the lowest cost option because you do not need to purchase a security certificate for your domain, nor do you need to have any special programming, however, we offer 3 options:

  1. Link to hosted paypage
  2. Embed iFrame hosted pay page on your web site
  3. Integration into your web programming (special forms etc) .




For sales please call Christine Speedy at 954-942-0483

What is CenPOS? Although there are many features and benefits, at the heart of the technology is the intelligent switch. It routes payment processing via the least cost method by identifying what it is and knowing the least cost way to process it. This all happens faster than a traditional desktop credit card terminal. Merchants have hit a wall in reducing credit card processing costs via negotiating reduced merchant discounts. Real savings and cost management today are achieved through interchange management which CenPOS does intelligently and automatically. CenPOS resides virtually between the merchant and the Acquirer- ie the merchant payment processor (merchant account), Amex, check processor, loyalty card etc. All transactions hit CenPOS via high speed internet connection before being routed automatically. Real time cash flow reports, fraud prevention, and PCI Compliance are other key benefits.

How does CenPOS work? CenPOS uses host based software and no sensitive data is ever stored on your computers.

How can I find out more about CenPOS? Call Christine at 954-942-0483.

ABOUT CenPOS: CenPOS is a universal hosted payment processing platform. Initially created for the automotive industry, CenPOS is now available to all qualified businesses.

ABOUT 3D Merchant Services: www.3dmerchant.com 3D merchant blog 954-942-0483, Christine Speedy
3D Merchant Services is the online brand created by CenPOS authorized reseller Christine Speedy to communicate a wide array of payment processing information to merchants and to develop business leads. 3D Merchant Services is an independent company.