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US EMV certified mobile credit card processing

CenPOS Mobile Crushes the Competition:

The CenPOS Enterprise Payment Solution works with all revenue sources: brick and mortar, web, mobile, MOTO, kiosk, online payments, electronic bill presentment & payment.


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WORKS WITH WINDOWS TABLETS, APPLE AND DROID : Card swipe and key enter options immediately available for iPhone, iTouch, and iPad and Android.

REDUCE FRAUD: Signature capture and management controlled risk mitigation features.

REMOTE USER MANAGEMENT: Add and remove user privileges in real time. Just hired someone? instantly activate their account and limit their transaction capabilities. Just fired someone? instantly deactivate their account.

PLATFORM: Uses the PCI Compliant CenPOS platform, compatible with all major processors.

ACCOUNT ACTIVATION: Existing CenPOS just download the app from the app stores. Fees are the same as your current agreement; no extras. New clients contact us for pricing.


How will customers get receipts? Via email or print to any wireless printer on your network or a wireless receipt printer.

Is there a monthly fee? CenPOS mobile is currently included with your CenPOS account. If you need a CenPOS account, contact us.

I already have a merchant account. Will it work with it? Yes, it's compatible with most major processors. If you have an account already, no additional account set up is needed.

How am I billed for CenPOS Mobile? It's included in your regular CenPOS billing.

Do I need to pay for a gateway or wireless service such as Apriva? No.

How is data secured? CenPOS has a layered security approach, including P2P encryption and extensive user management.

How can I get copies of receipts? All transaction receipts, including those with signatures, are available via the CenPOS virtual terminal or mobile reprint function.

Is card data stored? No data ever resides on the device, nor can users ever access sensitive card data after a transaction. CenPOS can create tokens, replacing senstive payment data, to be used for future billing from the mobile app, and all other sales channels. Tokens created on the mobile device can be used throughout the CenPOS merchant ecosytem, and tokens can be shared across locales if desired.

Is there a way to view card data later if I made a mistake? No. All card data is encrypted. However, you would correct errors just like you would with any merchant account.

What mobile card readers are compatible? Ingenico iCMP with US EMV. Other non-EMV compatible Mobile Device Readers include UniMag Mobile Card Reader, UniMag Pro Mobile Card Reader, iMag Pro Mobile Card Reader, and iMag Mobile Card Reader, and almost every Magtek secure card readers. The Linea Pro is the most advanced option today, available for Iphone only. Merchants can purchase hardware from any source or we can acquire for you.

How does this differ from Payware Mobile and other Mobile Apps? A key difference is that our mobile app is just ONE of MANY ways to process transactions via the same platform. So you get all the benefits of CenPOS, plus the ability to accept payments on the go.

Here's 3 ways we leave other mobile payments solutions in the dust:

  1. Interchange optimization. We can’t change interchange rates, the bulk of your non-negotiable credit card processing fees, but we can improve your qualifying for lower rates with automated interchange optimization. Different cards and sales methods have different requirements to qualify for the lowest rates. CenPOS eliminates costly downgrades due to human error, software and hardware limitations.

  2. Risk Management. Critical remote admin enables micro-managing user access to the platform plus real time key risk management reports in the dashboard.

  3. Improve back office efficiency by accepting payments from any source within one platform- phone, web, mobile, lockbox, kiosk*, and in-person; one source for reporting and transaction research. All transactions can be viewed in real time across an entire organization, regardless of where or how the payment originated.