Virtual Terminal tokenization video demo for storing credit card

Can I store encrypted credit card data and bill different amounts to a customer?  Yes, and this video demo of our most advanced virtual terminal shows you exactly how. This is a universal PCI Compliant virtual terminal, meaning it’s compatible with all major credit card processors.

Almost any virtual terminal solution can securely store card data for recurring billing, where the card is charged the same amount each time, but none of the most popular virtual terminals offers a secure token solution to charge a variable amountChase Paymentechs’ Orbital ®Gateway, ®, and PC Charge® all offer recurring billing, but do not offer variable amount billing for their standard gateway. If there is a custom option, I’m not aware of it.

Chase Paymentech Orbital,, PC Charge are all gateways. Our solution is a SWITCH, and also  a gateway. What’s the difference? A gateway passes data over the internet to facilitate an electronic transaction. A switch identifies the data,  makes logical decisions, and then routes the data based upon pre-defined parameters. For example, a gateway passes card data from the point of collection to the payment processor. Our switch can identify the card issuing bank, determine what’s needed to qualify the transaction for the lowest cost interchange, and then pass the data needed to meet that requirement. This is just one example of what switch technology can do.

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  1. Update: some gateways are now offering a way to store card data for variable billing. However, even the biggest name vendors are significantly behind our capabilities. Here’s some examples of huge advantages of our solution:
    – Gym membership- the first transaction is swiped, but the others are automatically billed – these are card not present. With our solution, each transaction is optimized for the card present and card not present requirements.
    If you send a card not present transaction via the standard retail card present gateway like our competitors, it will cost .20% to 1.2% extra, depending on the card, because the processor is expecting magnetic strip data that it will not get ( it cannot be stored). These are NON-QUALIFIED transactions. NONE of THE other solutions automatically optimize your transaction to QUALIFY for the best rate possible for any given card type, like ours.
    – Have you ever had a customer who wanted to change their billing date to match their pay schedule? With the big name solutions, you cannot alter the payment schedule for recurring billing. With ours, you can. So if a customer needs to skip a payment, you can push back the billing period or even simply change the regular charge date for your customer convenience. (note – all changes should be agreed upon in writing to enforce any contract)

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