Video Training: How to replace credit card authorization forms

In this training video, I show how to securely store credit card data so that no one can ever see it again. It’s virtually impossible to prove Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) Compliance if storing credit card authorization forms with full card data. This solution can significantly increase boost PCI Compliance and reduce losses due to disputes and resulting chargebacks.

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The positive card verification checkbox is used to submit a zero dollar authorization transaction. This validates all rules in the merchant administration and on a user basis. For example, if rules require an address, zip code, and cvv security code verification, the items will be validated with the card issuer. The receipt is the merchant record of proof that the card issuer passed the verification.

Optionally send the repeat sale credit card charge form to your customer. Have the customer sign and send it back. This replaces credit card authorization forms that have full card data.

TIP: Include a cancellation and refund policy on all invoices, as required for all card not present transactions per card acceptance guidelines.

CenPOS works with your existing processor, and is fast, easy, and requires no capital investment to implement. Call Christine Speedy in sales 954-942-0483 or click here for more information.

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