Non-profit credit card processing rates

Are there special credit card processing rates for non-profits?

Yes, there are special rates for non-profits. Specifically, there are special INTERCHANGE RATES. In order to qualify for them, you must be on a price plan that enables you to take advantage of them. We call this wholesale or interchange plus pricing. Typically we offer this for merchant accounts processing more than $1 M annually. Interchange plus is what large companies such as Home Depot or Barnes and Nobel pay. It always includes a % of the transaction, a per item fee, Visa/MasterCard dues and assessments, and a merchant discount. Over 95% of your costs are in the % of the transaction, so that is the area that must be controlled or MANAGED.

The most meaningful way to lower your costs is to hit levels of interchange with a lower rate. We can get your non-profit into a program where you’ll hit interchange rates lower than what most retail accounts pay, that is a lower % per transaction. Some of your transactions such as visa rewards cards will process at the same as for profit companies. However some transactions will process at a lower rate, usually at 20 basis points or .2% lower than the lowest rate for profit companies.

In my experience, most non-profits have not been offered these special interchange rates. You can save $2000-$10,000 per million dollars in donations just on this one item. National non-profits typically save 25-50% by implementing my recommendations and services. Which is easier? Finding a donor to give you $100,000 + every year, or calling me one time and saving that much on your expenses every year?

Here’s how you can check to see if you are getting the best rates for your non-profit.

First Look at your merchant statement. Go to the section, usually the last page or two, which shows INTERCHANGE COSTS. Do you have this section? If not, you are not on a price plan that lets you participate in the program.

Second. If you have the interchange cost section, you’ll see things like VISA RETAIL DEBIT, COMMERCIAL DATA RATE 2 ETC. Do you have one that says EMERGING MARKETS OR EMG MKT? If you do not see this category on any of your past statements, you are not participating in the program.

Both conditions are required whether you are accepting donations online or swiping cards for event registrations and auctions.
If you answered no to either question, and your non-profit is processing at least $1 million annually, please call and I will help you keep more donor dollars to use for your organization programs.

Would you like a PDF presentation with actual examples of what to look for on your merchant statement? Call the hotline 954-942-0483 and we will send it to you.

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