What is least cost routing?

Least cost routing in the payment processing world is processing any given type of payment via the route that will result in the lowest cost to the merchant. CenPOS is least cost routing solution. It’s an intelligent technology that essentially examines input, makes a multitude of decisions,  and sends back specific information to the POS terminal whether it be a signature capture or virtual terminal. This happens faster than traditional desktop credit card processing terminals. The cashier and consumer don’t have to think, they will be prompted if they need to enter a pin number, just sign, or something else.

CenPOS least cost routing works with checks, credit cards, debit cards, p-cards, and other electronic payment options.

The first reaction from many merchants is, “It sounds great, and I want it, but can I afford this?”.  Direct cash payback for merchants that would benefit most is anywhere from 30 days to a year. If you are processing a million dollars a month in credit and debit cards, you can’t afford not to have CenPOS which provides a huge array of benefits beyond direct ROI, including PCI Compliance and anti-fraud protection.

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