Dental billing solution enables rebilling after insurance claims

Most medical and dental billing solutions address HIPPA, but what about secure payments?  Our dental billing solution enables you to securely collect current payments and outstanding bills after insurance claims are completed. Collecting payments in a secure manner is equally important to HIPPA. Most staff at medical practices don’t even know what PCI DSS is, even after having 6 years to comply.


Tired of getting paid weeks and months after services are rendered?

Do you have patients paying a co-pay on the visit, then after you’re paid by the insurance company, the patient ends up having a balance due?

How long on average does it take you to collect that balance? Are you paying a medical billing company to collect it for you?

Do you have orthodontia patients that are billed the same amount every month?

Do you offer a payment plan in some situations?


  1. Merchant accesses a secure payment processing platform and creates a TOKEN to enable rebilling the patient or to set up recurring billing. Card data is never stored at the merchant location and the token links only to remotely hosted encrypted data. To re-bill, the merchant enters the patient name, transaction amount, and the TOKEN ID.
  2. Patients agree to have their card charged, usually up to a specified amount, at the time of the original transaction. Merchants can print a receipt, or have an email automatically sent with the receipt.


  1. Improve cash flow.
  2. Reduce or eliminate collections.
  3. Simplify the billing process- reduce workload.
  4. PCI Compliant- secure solution eliminates exposed card data.
  5. Reduce opportunities for internal fraud by eliminating receiving card data within mailed billing responses.
  6. Managed payment processing costs- eliminates costly human errors that result in interchange qualification downgrades.


  1. Optional Signature Capture stores patient opt-in agreement electronically indefinitely.
  2. Access secure web page from any computer.
  3. User control for all functions and reporting. You decide who can perform what type of transaction. Enable off site billing or accounting to access reporting.
  4. Optional industry template to capture insurance policy number, account number etc. Export reports on demand.
  5. Real- time cash flow. Enables management to see  multiple locations at a glance.
  6. Multiple merchant accounts- Use the same system for multiple doctors within a location.
  7. Minimal set- up. No major upfront investment.
  8. Optional pay page- simple code you can add to your web site so patients can pay a bill.

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Figure 1. The customer is present and you swipe the card. The card number, expiration and name on card are automatically recognized, as with any swipe device. Confidential information will be x’d out and will not appear on the screen.  Enter the  sale amount, as usual.
swipe sale screen

Notes: Other required or optional fields are determined by the merchant prior at account set-up.  The merchant determines data capture preferences balancing speed at the cashier, information needs, and risk.  In all the figures shown, invoice is mandatory, but that is strictly a merchant decision.

FIGURE 2.  When the customer is not present, different data needs to be captured for risk and interchange qualification  ( how much a transaction costs the merchant) concerns. i
virtual terminal card not present sale screen

FIGURE 3. If the merchant wants to bill the same customer again, the repeat sale button is selected. Information is collected for both the initial sale and future sales. A token is automatically generated, or the merchant can specify one. We recommend you collect the email address so that you can send automatic receipts for future billing. (You can also ask the customer to opt-in or opt-out to marketing via email.)

virtual terminal repeat sale screen

FIGURE 4.  When you’re ready to go back and bill the patient, enter the TOKEN ID along with the amount to charge.

virtual terminal token billing

If you captured an email previously and set up automatic receipts, an email is automatically generated and sent. Email set up can be programmed with your own FROM and SUBJECT.

The benefits I’ve discussed are just the tip of the iceberg. This technology is leaps ahead of anything else on the market, including ease of use. Your staff can complete a repeat sale with less than 5 minutes of training. Setting up recurring billing, where the same amount is billed multiple times, is not shown here and is just as easy.

Protect your patient data. Protect your business from internal fraud. Improve your cash flow. Look at functional graphical reports that let you see and compare cash flow from multiple operations in minutes.

Questions? Need a demo? Call Christine at 954-942-0483.

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