Credit card processing for Shift4 customers

We frequently encounter companies in the hospitality industry using Shift4 software, that could significantly benefit from our FPS payment processing services. There’s no need to change what’s working for you. You can enjoy all the benefits of Shift4 and additionally benefit from our expertise in the payment processing industry.

It’s rare that we find a shift4 customer (personally, I haven’t see one yet) that would not receive immediate financial savings with our help. There are two specific critical issues:
1. Chargeback management
2. Better price plan

It’s not just a matter of one company matching a specific offer by another. We have specific industry expertise to help you permanently control your credit card processing costs. And the best part? There is no cost to you! Even if there is a fee for a software update, you’ll recoup that fee and more in the first month.

You may think this article is a bit vague, but we do have to keep some secrets from the internet to maintain our competitive edge. When you share some of your information (who you are, merchant statements) we promise to share some of our information – specific enough for you to act on.

Don’t do this when looking for a Retail POS solution

I don’t have the answer for which Retail POS Solution you should choose, but I do have some extremely important tips.

1. Do not enter into a long term contract for your payment processor unless you have been in business for at least 3-5 years.
2. Do not choose a POS solution that has limited choices for who will do your credit card processing.

This is a true story. I contacted a specialty retail shoe store that I shop at to discuss their credit card processing. They are using which seems like an excellent solution for this merchant store. In fact, it seems like a great solution for any shoe retailer, their target audience. But no where does it mention, that I could find, that the customer has NO CHOICE about who their payment processor is. That’s right, no choice! RICS is only compatible with ONE merchant service provider.

I talked to RICS about who they use. It’s a quality company, but they don’t necessarily provide the best solution for the retailers. In fact, I’d bet that 50-70% of their retailer merchant accounts could save significantly on credit card processing with a different merchant service provider. I’m not guessing. I know that a certain portion of them are too small to realize any significant benefit. Most of the rest of them are on a price plan usually reserved for very small businesses, or new businesses.

New businesses always pay a premium for merchant card processing fees. That’s because they are higher risk than established businesses. The most stringent underwriters, those that you can get the best deals from, require two years healthy financial statements. Once your business is established you are in a better position to get a permanent solution for managing credit card costs. What do I mean by permanent? One that enables the merchant to see how they are qualifying for interchange levels and what interchange levels they are hitting. Without that transparency, you can’t even begin to manage your costs.

In summary, make sure you choose a retail POS solution that is OPEN and doesn’t lock you into a single vendor solution- whether it be hardware, merchant service provider, or some other service. The more flexibility you have, the easier it will be to grow and expand later without disruption to your business.

XD1000 wireless countertop credit card terminal

The XD1000 wireless countertop credit card terminal is a next generation credit card terminal. What makes it unique is the ability to switch from wired to wireless, USB and Serial Port integration for PC connections, and integrated RFID reader. There are many cool new features for a countertop terminal, but I haven’t seen a wireless terminal for under $500. The base unit is now available to customers for the blowout discount price of $199 with a bit more for optional configurations.

Chase Paymentech Class A Certifies Hypercom’s Optimum T4200 Payment Terminals

PHOENIX — March 6, 2008 — Hypercom Corporation (NYSE: HYC) announced today that Chase Paymentech, the world’s largest merchant acquirer, will immediately provide full merchant and ISO support for Hypercom’s new PCI PED approved, 32-bit multi-application Optimum T4210 (dial) and T4220 (Ethernet with dial backup) electronic payment terminals. The action follows Chase Paymentech’s Class A certification of the two new devices.


Hypercom’s T4200 platform features the highest security, largest memory and broadest feature set of any countertop device family of its kind. The recently introduced Optimum T4200 platform has also received MasterCard Worldwide Payment Terminal Security approval for IP and wireless transactions. The platform incorporates additional security features such as optional privacy shields, Triple DES DUKPT encryption to protect cardholder PINs, and utilizes HyperSafe®32, Hypercom’s exclusive RSA-based security infrastructure to prevent the introduction of fraudulent applications. The platform is compliant with the European Union’s RoHS requirements for hazardous substances.


“We are committed to providing our merchants with secure and reliable processing, innovative payment tools and exceptional transaction security, said Jennifer Stout, Group Executive Retail Products, Chase Paymentech. “The T4200 continues Hypercom’s benchmark-setting leadership in high security payment products, and provides an innovative solution to fit any customer’s countertop needs.


Chase Paymentech’s rollout of our T4200 series adds to the products market traction and strongly validates that our advanced security, engineering, features and functions meet an array of merchant needs while ensuring a safe shopping experience for consumers worldwide, said Gregory Boardman, Vice President, Global Product Marketing, Hypercom Corporation.


Hypercom’s Optimum T4200 family consists of six 32-bit multi-application terminals with a consistent look and feel and 19-key keypad layout. The Chase Paymentech Class A certified terminals include models with dial only and Ethernet/SSL/dial backup connectivity. The new terminals join a full array of high-performance Optimum countertop, multi-lane, wireless and portable terminals that have been adopted by leading banks, retailers and independent sales organizations globally, since Hypercom introduced its first 32-bit Optimum product in 2004.


About Hypercom (
Global payment technology leader Hypercom Corporation delivers a full suite of high security, end-to-end electronic payment products and services. The company’s solutions address the high security electronic transaction needs of banks and other financial institutions, processors, large scale retailers, smaller merchants, quick service restaurants, and users in the transportation, healthcare, prepaid, unattended and many other markets. Hypercom solutions enable businesses in more than 100 countries to securely expand their revenues and profits.


About Chase Paymentech Solutions
Chase Paymentech Solutions, LLC is a leading global payments firm and the world’s largest merchant acquirer, capable of transacting payments in 140 currencies. In 2007, the privately-held company processed approximately 19.7 billion payment transactions, with more than $719 billion in annual bankcard and debit volume. Chase Paymentech’s customer base reflects the most respected brands, including 70 percent of leading ecommerce business and almost 600,000 merchants in nearly 1 million locations worldwide. Chase Paymentech is a joint venture between JPMorgan Chase & Co. and First Data Corp.