Hypercom T7 Plus 1mb terminal end of life $145

The Hypercom T7Plus is one of the most popular credit card terminals ever made. The T7 Plus, with 1MB of RAM, and 35 keys (picture far right) is the only one that is still PCI Compliant. The other T7 models and versions are not. The machine is at ‘end of life’. This means the merchant can still purchase them, but their lifecycle is coming to an end. Before buying, be sure to check with your merchant services provider that you can still board one on your merchant account.

  • Why this machine? Diehard- It just works
  • End of Life – 12/2010
  • Estimated manufacturing end Date- April 2011
  • End of Service – 7/2014
  • Now in process of shipping final orders
  • Sold in all regions with most significant volumes in the USA

hypercom t7p hypercom t7plus 1 MBHypercom’s best selling device of all time, the dial-only T7 was introduced in the mid 1990s and stood out among its peers for its classic 35-key layout. With developers writing applications for the T7 since its launch, the number of applications for the product now number in the hundreds. Equinox’s distributors’ final orders for the T7 Plus were taken in 2010, with the T4205 as its low-cost dial replacement.

The Hypercom T7 Plus is an terminal that meets the needs and budget of most retail merchants. It is a fast, reliable terminal with a built-in thermal printer, and will accept an external smart card reader or pinpad for pin-debit transactions. Hypercom based the T7 Plus from the original T7P terminal and has added features based on merchant feedback and testing. This is a great terminal that is sure to provide many years of reliable operation.

Note:  This unit comes with a power pack.


  • 1mb of memory
  • “One-touch” functions 2″ and 3″ graphics-capable
  • SureLoad printer with huge 80mm roll Fastest dial transactions in the industry
  • Up to 56K modem
  • Optional, integrated Visa PED-approved PIN pad model
  • 19-button keyboard configuration available
  • Supports a wide range of value added services such as check and loyalty
  • Modifiable receipts provide customization opportunities
  • Supports contactless payment and check imaging using external readers
Sale Price $145, plus $10 shipping continental USA. Refurbished, 30 day warranty.
Optional Pin pads are $110 and are only available to existing customers.

Ingenico i5100 dual comm review

The Ingenico 5100 dual comm countertop terminal and cost effective solution for low to mid- volume transaction levels. It has a built in pin pad for debit card pin code entry and the unit is small enough to hand over to customers to enter their pin number. It’s smart card capable, plus fully EMV and PCI PED approved.

The i5100 is an IP -enabled countertop transaction terminal capable of operating in either dial up or IP communication modes. Operating in IP mode, the transaction speeds are decreased to as few as 4 seconds, thus offering the merchant improved checkout speed and service. Capable of handling credit, debit, and other magnetic card transactions such as loyalty, prepaid and more, the i5100 is a versatile, robust and cost efficient way for merchants everywhere to accept electronic payments.

ingenico 5100 terminal
Width: 21.00 cm 8.27 in Height: 7.50 cm 2.95 in
Lenght: 9.50 cm 3.74 in Weight: 600.00 g 1.32 lb
Built in features:
* 15.00 lines/second print speed

* 128*64 Pixels
* Monochrome
* Backlit

* 18 Keys
* Backlit
* Smart card reader EMV 4.0 certified Level 1 and 2
* Magnetic card reader

Certain features are optional, please consult the datasheet to get more information
Wide area network communication:
* ISDN modem
* Dial up modem
* A Plug>It slot enables merchants to expand the terminal communication capabilities to include Wi-Fi and external GPRS.

* RS 232


Small size, low cost, proven reliability, dual comm makes for easy back up if one communication system goes down.  No separate pin pad. Works with most processors so you can switch without having to buy new equipment.


If the pin pad fails, the entire unit needs to be sent out for repair and key injection again.

Can I use the 5100 for multi-merchant ?
No, the 5100 is not a multimerchant terminal.

MSRP $299

3D Merchant i5100 terminal price

FD300ti multi-merchant terminal

The First Data FD300 Ti terminal is the ideal solution for operations that want a a desktop terminal  to keep track of sales for separate businesses (as many as 99) that are housed at the same location. Its multi-merchant capability allows each owner to conveniently designate which business the sale is applied to at the time of the purchase. Each merchant receives an individualized statement listing only his own transactions in an easy-to-read format.

FD300ti multi-merchant terminal data sheet (pdf download)

The pin-pad for pin debit is an optional add on. FD30 contactless pinpad provides convenience in busy high volume settings.  The FD10 is about half the price.  Since pin debit is nearly the same cost as signature debit at this writing, smaller service oriented merchants will want to weigh the cost benefit, since chargebacks tend to be infrequent in those industries. Additionally, the actual use of the pin pad tends to be low in multi-merchant settings, negating the potential benefits. Finally, with 2011 pending federal legislation, signature debit may eventually be the same cost as pin debit.

fd300 ti terminal

MSRP $599. Click here for our Credit Card equipment and FD300 terminal price list.


Nurit 8020 M20 wireless terminal review

The NURIT 8020 is the best wireless terminal with pin debit available today. It’s a PCI PED approved secure handheld solution and probably the best selling wireless payment device in the world.
nurit 8000 wireless terminal
There are four reasons this unit should be at the top of your wireless terminal list.

First, the PED or Pin Entry Device meets 2010 pin debit standards. Not all units being sold on the internet meet this standard so merchants need to be careful in choosing. The PED is integrated into the handheld unit and is standard, not an option. All you need is the right merchant account to take advantage of pin debit rates transactions. Even though pin debit rates are increasing, merchants will still benefit from reduced risk by eliminating chargebacks.

pci ped certified 2010

Second, it has electronic signature capture. With the large memory capability, this can again help you reduce risk if you have back office operations to integrate to (for signature, not card data storage).
Nurit 8000 signature capture

Third, it’s EMV approved. In a global world, this provides additional capability to accept a wider variety of cards including chip-based payment cards.

emv certified

Fourth, the Nurit units have a long history of reliability both for the unit and connectivity.  Connect via Wifi, GSM, phone and TCP/IP.

If you have one event a year, this is could be over-kill, but it also depends on what you have at risk for that one day.

The number of wireless credit card machines coming on the market is exploding, but for ‘road warriors’ this is a great dependable unit with all the features a merchant could want- there is no better at the time of this writing.