Hosted Online Payment Solutions Australia

hosted epayments australia mapWhat companies offer hosted epayment solutions in Australia? For companies that want traditional merchant account vs 3rd parties like Paypal, the options are growing.

CenPOS*: Processor neutral, no new merchant account required. Provides hosted pay pages and other online payment choices worldwide processor choices vary by country, and include First Data, Paymentech, Vantiv, EPX and others. API’s for Integrations, including html5 are available. Infor ERP, (certain products), OpenBravo ERP,  Magento, PrestaShop, Woocommerce and Gravity Forms users can easily start using CenPOS omnichannel payment solutions.

eWAY: Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, UK: eWAY offers merchant services if merchant does not have compatible processor

Braintree: unknown requirements; supports multi-currency. Start-up small business benefits.

Paymate: Australia, New Zealand only. Paymate merchant account required.

* Supports level III processing, multi-currency

Online payments API

A client asks, “do you have a sandbox for testing new online payments need?”  Yes. Use the Contact form for the API or call for access to various API’s depending on the application. You’ll also need test credentials which I can supply when you’re ready.

Using the iframe or pop-up, the online payments solution puts the application out of scope for PCI compliance and allows for both one time transaction as well as stored cards with tokenization.  I suggest you use the Flash version to start with for set up and testing, which is proven to be stable across many platforms, and then it’s a simple html and or CSS edit to switch over to html5 if desired, without having to reprogram.

Below image: snippet ample XML code

online payments api
The code is for the 3D preferred gateway and can be used with any merchant account. Call or contact with any further questions.

How to Accept Online Payments With CenPOS

There are multiple methods to accept online payments without a shopping cart. This article is for merchants who want to passively accept payments online using CenPOS, without any special form programmed, and while minimizing PCI compliance scope. In this setup, the customer goes to the merchant web site to make a payment.

The required and non-required fields are configured within the CenPOS web pay page administrator. No programming knowledge is required. If a merchant wants to add additional text, images, or fields beyond the scope of the CenPOS configuration options, alternative implementations are available. It’s best to discuss specific needs with a consultant to choose the best solution.


  1. Link from the merchant web site to a secure custom CenPOS hosted landing page. The page contains Flash, and will look very familiar to CenPOS virtual terminal users. Flash is not supported on Apple iPad or iPhone products. There is no customization for appearance with the Flash version.
  2. Link from the merchant web site to the secure custom CenPOS hosted landing page, programmed in html 5.  The fields are exactly the same as option 1, but they are programmed in html 5 to work with a wider array of devices, including Apple products. Merchants can supply CSS to match their web site. CSS is a markup language that defines the look and feel of a web page, and can be obtained from the merchant web deveoper. The fields merchants can supply are font size, font color, and background text, plus field box shape, required and non-required border colors.  If a CSS file is not supplied, it will look similar to the Flash page.
  3. Same as option 1, but paste the supplied html onto your web page. Even though the payment data is within an iframe, with payment accepted off the merchant server,  merchant will  want to install an SSL certificate for peace of mind for their customers.
  4. Same as option 2, but paste the supplied html5 onto your web page. Even though the payment data is within an iframe, with payment accepted off the merchant server,  merchant will  want to install an SSL certificate for peace of mind for their customers.

accept payments online

How do I get the pay page? Contact Christine Speedy for a CenPOS account. I’ve developed simple instruction sheets to share with your web developer.

Can I get a pay page without changing credit card processors ( merchant account) ? Yes. Your merchant account and deposit schedule remains the same. Our technology sits in front of your existing financial partners. Instructions for your processor will be supplied so that we can connect to your account.

Can I accept ACH? Maybe. This feature is available with various options. Call for more details.

Do I also get a virtual terminal to key enter transactions? Yes.

Do you offer a free trial? Yes.

What does the service cost? Call for more details.

No web payment data touches your server or web page. Add just one line of html to any web page to accept payments.  If you’re looking to reduce the burden of PCI Compliance, this is one more tool to help you.

Invoice Factoring Alternatives

Although leveraging Accounts Receivable Management to increase capital for cash flow can be very effective, merchants can often reduce invoice factoring needs by improving accounts receivable collections. The two most common collection invoice delivery methods are paper mailed invoices and email invoices or e-invoices. Adding an online pay page or using Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment (EBPP) can dramatically improve cash flow.

The Case For Online Payments

At a minimum, a hosted pay page enables customers to pay 24/7, while also reducing Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards , or PCI DSS, compliance burden.  If  most of your customers pay by check, and protecting margins with check payment is preferred, simply email the link to delinquent accounts. This is a proven method to boost cash flow. Example: a law firm added a pay page and collected a single $11,000 + payment the same day a client was given the creit card payment online payments hosted pay page

The Case For Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment (EBPP)

With EBPP, invoices are delivered via email, SMS ( text message) or fax. The primary difference between e invoice and EBPP is the link tp pay the invoice delivered online. Delivering electronic invoices is easy for any business to business company to gain customer acceptance, if for no other reason than environmental impact. From a business perspective, it’s clear float is reduced with e-billing vs postal from 2-10 days to immediate. Some might argue customers will always pay the last due date, and that’s true, some will , however, this is also true:

  • It’s proven some invoices will get paid immediately. Benefit: 30 days vs same day.
  • Some customers will pay on time. Benefit: reduces late payments.
  • Some slow payers will payer quicker to stop automatic reminders to pay. Benefit: paper, printing, and postage fees; staff time

The Case For CenPOS Online Payments & EBPP

CenPOS is a universal payment processing solution that works with your existing finance partners to streamline the payment experience for customers and merchants. In short, here’s why CenPOS is better than another similar solutions:

  • Cost: more value for a lower cost, no long term contracts or heavy upfront costs
  • Simplicity: Go live almost instantly.
  • Efficiency:  The platform is built with many, many time saving features for both merchants and customers. For example, the ability to securely store credit card and checking account information by either party saves tons of time on future payments.
  • Innovation: CenPOS is flexible, and continually innovating. With one hub for transactions, reporting, administration, reconciliation, there are no comparable competitors with the depth of solutions nor merchant value added benefits. For example, CenPOS EBPP has tools to automate steering to lower cost methods of payment, and all payment sources utilize an intelligent system that can reduce  credit card processing fees- with any compatible merchant account.

If the dynamics of when invoices are paid changed, how will it impact factoring needs? Try any of our payment accelerator solutions for an extended free trial with the mention of this blog article. Merchants and factoring companies contact Christine Speedy, CenPOS Global Sales/ Channel Sales (954) 942-0483.


Online Form Creator With Secure Online Payments

To convert a paper sales order form, with credit card authorization, from paper to electronic, including securely collecting an online payment, there are multiple options. This article addresses the business to business need for a quick solution to become PCI Compliant. PCI is short for PCI DSS or Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards, the mandatory standards for all merchants accepting credit cards.

virtual terminal and web payment page for law firm

Image shows example of a custom secure payment page on a law firm web site. Fully configurable for your specific needs,

How critical is the security of the data being collected? What will be done with the information after? The simplest solution is to create a quick script that collects the data and sends it to an email address. After the form is submitted, the return URL (the page that appears after the form data is submitted)  contains a link to secure pay page hosted by a third party. I like having a link on the return URL instead of immediately redirecting because it provides an opportunity to assure the payer the link is to a trusted web page.  Because the form data is not in a spreadsheet that can be imported into a database, or collected automatically in a database, some manual work will be needed after. However, don’t get hung up on this! If the current process is faxing back and forth credit card authorization forms, the entire process is already manual. At a minimum, staff will save time key entering credit card data, plus this process is more secure for business owners and their customers. Additionally, the back office for the pay page will have an export feature making it possible to import transaction information into accounting programs.

All of the above can be done with no html programming experience. There’s plenty of free and low cost options to create custom forms. I’ve personally used wufuu, jotform, Logiforms, SugarCRM forms, and custom made forms over the years. Here’s a link to form reviews.  It’s a bit dated, however, the table may help to identify what’s important to look for when choosing a form builder.

With a little bit of html work, elements of the information filled into the order form, can be transferred automatically to the matching payment fields. For budgeting outsourced help, plan on an hour for the programmer to review what to do, what URL’s to link to, and reviewing the API. Budget another hour to implement and test.

In summary, payments can be securely accepted online with an update to your web site navigation, and single line of html linked to a secure hosted pay page. This process is more secure than credit card information exposed on paper, and provides an easily retrievable record in the event of a dispute, that can occur up to 120 days later. To convert a sales order form to electronic, an online form builder is a low cost option that saves both merchants and customers time.

Disclaimer: The information above does not replace a merchants obligation to follow all rules associated with their merchant account, card acceptance guidelines and payment card industry data security standards. Many additional options

For more information about this and other solutions to streamline payment acceptance for your business to business company with card not present customer transactions, contact us.