wireless credit card terminal

Incredibly cheap wireless credit card terminal under $200 with no new merchant services account required. The Way 1510 kit special limited time offer includes cell phone size terminal, printer, and is delivered ready to accept transactions. If you have reliable AT&T mobile service where you are, then this unit should be a great deal for you. Perfect for non-profits and other events. SPECIAL OFFER THROUGH 12/31/2009. Unknown if there will be any after that date.

The Way 1510 Mobile Payments Solution is the cheapest wireless terminal we know of to accept credit cards wherever you are- even on the golf course. Perfect for any event indoors or outdoors, collect money for auctions, dinner and tournament fees. Kit includes a wireless terminal and printer and works on any GSM network.

WAY Systems’ Mobile Transaction Terminal integrates the security and functionality of a traditional POS terminal with the convenience of a mobile phone to create a terminal that accepts payment any where at any time. Accept any debit or credit card. All transactions processed as credit.

The S40 Mobile Printer features a clamshell design which allows paper to be simply dropped into place, helping eliminate paper jams. Also there are no cords to plug into the terminal since data is transferred using wireless infrared technology.

The ‘ready out of box’ kit includes: terminal, printer, 1 starter roll of paper, SIM card programmed, and charger.

NOTES: The manufacturer has launched a new model and wants to move out the old units. It is just as reliable as the next model up. If you need to process $100,000 or more annually on a wireless unit, and your average order is over $15,  then I recommend buying a unit that has integrated pin debit so you can take advantage of lower cost pin debit fees.

Buy this Wireless Terminal – online now.
Sold at CEOgolfshop.com, which also offers custom logo shirts for events and other needs.

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