Free virtual terminal and mobile payment solution for Sandy impacted businesses

If your business has been impacted by Sandy and you need a way to process credit cards locally or from another site, please accept my offer for a free mobile technology solution.

  • Free virtual terminal.
  • Obtain a smartphone or ipad reader from any source ( or we can sell you one cheap if needed) for retail card present sales.
  • Free e-invoicing- use our invoice creator or we’ll send yours.
  • Free iPhone, iPad, iTouch, or Droid compatible mag stripe card reader for any new car dealer or car repair shop, durable goods retailer, or building supplies company. 1 per location.
  • No install fee.
  • No usage fees.
  • No cancellation fees.
  • Free mobile application.
  • Unlimited use through December 31, 2012.
  • Key enter transactions from any where, while mitigating fraud risk.
  • Remote user management.
  • Connect to your existing credit card processor- no change in your existing banking or financial partners. Works with all major credit card processors.
  • Restaurant mobile app included.
  • Quick and easy to learn.
  • Export all data into your accounting or other software.
  • Enterprise level technology is scalable and easy to implementcenpos virtual terminal sale screen
  • A smart phone, tablet or computer
  • High speedy internet (no dial up)

What is not included:

If you’re starting a new business to help storm victims or work in those areas, and need a new merchant account, we cannot help you. This offer is for existing businesses only, who already have their own merchant account and just need a way to keep their business going. 

PS search for DISASTER  to read related articles.

^ Christine Speedy




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