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    • No, the Optimum T4220 by Verifone does not support multi-merchant. It is a dual mode which means you can dial out or use ethernet to connect to the processor. There are very few units on the market that support it. The omni 3750 was the older unit that was very popular. I’m not sure you can even board it any more. Multi-merchant terminal prices for both are here http://3dmerchant.com/point-of-sale-systems/index.php.

      If one merchant account with better bookeeping is an option, another alternative is our smart virtual terminal which is accessed via a secure web page. Connect a card reader or a signature capture terminal to your computer. Choose from multiple methods to track accounting.
      Option 1: A unique login for each salon specialist. As the owner, you’ll have instant access to real-time transactions and totals for each person, but users will only see their own data. They can access it from anywhere, but all data is tied to the single merchant account.
      Option 2: We create a drop down menu. When the payment is entered, the cashier MUST enter one of the predetermined codes, such as chair 1, chair 2, chair 3 etc. By making them generic, you’d never need to update as staff changes, but you could also use individual names.
      Our CenPOS Smart Virtual Terminal has advantages for largers salons, but for small salons, the standard terminal is probably a better choice.

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