POS terminals that are not security compliant- on encryption

This is a reference list. As I find terminals in the marketplace that do not meet security standards as of April 1, 2007, I’ll post them here:

Verifone Tranz 380 X2

Verifone Tranz 380 X2 Originally targeted hotels and restaurants because it has two independent memory segments ready to run two distinct applications. ZONTALK™ 2000 is a PC-based software tool that helps service providers manage the application programs and data used by VeriFone® transaction terminals. With Zontalk 2000 and a Verifone Tranz 380 X2, it virtually automates the process of downloading applications to the field and updates terminal records. According to my research, Zontalk was released in 1994 and the Tranz 380 X2 in 1991.

Hypercom T1E – suspected non-compliant. Uses impact printer. It’s my understanding that it can be reprogrammed to remove the customer cc # to be security compliant, though when originally released, the entire CC slug printed (on both copies). I suspect that it does not meet encryption standards because I saw a reference to 1998, prior to current standards being established.

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