Magtek Qwickpay Mobile Review

Qwickpay is a mobile POS application offered by Magtek, manufacturer of card readers. It’s a smart play by Magtek to ensure market share in the fast growing mobile payments market.



  • iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPod Touch and iPad compatible


  • The POS software will auto populate sales tax and tip if you like as a standard setting.
  • Supports sale, void, refund and “protection code” which is for consumers who have a QwicKey.
    • Presumably consumer adoption will increase the key to make this to make this feature useful. (Consumers purchase the QwicKey service, then generate one time use Qwick Codes [Formerly Protection Codes]. These one-time codes can be redeemed by a PCI compliant, ROC certified Payment Processor. A Merchant and online store can accept a Qwick Code in lieu of cardholder, personal account data.
  • Supports signature capture and email receipt.
  • Includes a virtual terminal, however it is not recommended that transactions are key entered.
  • magtek qwickpay mobile payments
  • magtek qwickpay mobile payments


  1. Uses MagnePrint®,a dynamic card authentication technology based on the unique physical properties of the magnetic stripe, also referred to as the stripe’s digital identifier or (DI). It provides validation that the card itself is genuine and that its encoded data has not been altered.
  2. Immediate encryption (Triple DES) of all cardholder data with a derived unique key per transaction (DUKPT).
  3. Immediate tokenization or “substitution” of all cardholder data


  • Users: This is really a one user system. If you wanted two users or more, you’ll need to tag to multiple merchant accounts, or at the very least, need a unique merchant account TID for each one. If the user is no longer authorized, you’ll have to get the device back or shut down the TID.
  • Does it support level 2 data as specified in the FAQ? Yes, but the use won’t know when they need to enter extra data, or what that data is, so chances are, they’ll never qualify for lower level 2 data on business cards.
  • Key entered: It is clearly NOT recommended, as indicated by large red print, for key entered transactions for a number of different reasons.
  • MagnePrint- How much safer is this than simply verifying the last 4 digits from the front of the credit card?
  • Encryption- there are a number of different ways to protect the cardholder data. This is a solid method, but not the only valid solution.



There are numerous differences and here are a few highlights:

  •  MANAGE FEES PAID. CenPOS dynamically identifies the card issuing bank and method of input (swipe or key enter) and automatically collects and delivers the optimal data for lowest risk and interchange rate. QwickPay does not do this.
  • MANAGE USERS/ RISK: CenPOS admin can manage an entire workforce in the field to accept payments and change permissions or access remotely. Users have the same priviledges on the virtual terminal.  QwickPay does not allow for multiple users or user management. Additionally, CenPOS uses a variety of proprietary and merchant managed rules to manage risk, including automatically declining certain transactions, remote supervisor approval option, and automated email alerts.
  • MANAGE BUSINESS: CenPOS reporting is extensive and easy to use. Qwickpay is limited and you even have to select which card types (Visa, mastercard etc) you want for each and every transaction.
  • BUSINESS EFFICIENCY: CenPOS uses a single hub to accept payments from all sources- web, mobile, retail, kiosk etc, manage users, and access reports. QwickPay has none of these capabilities.
  • COSTS: Qwickpay is cheaper with a one time fee. CenPOS charges per transaction fees, and has a $50/mth minimum.
  • OTHER: CenPOS does not currently calculate tax & tip.


  • YES. One man businesses.
  • YES. Businesses with a single person on the road that accepts payments.
  • LIMITED. Businesses that are primarily card not present, but which occasionally would like to get a card swiped while on the road to mitigate risk. Note: this would be for a card not present account with card not present rates, but you’d benefit from a signature on file and some fraud protection.
  • NO Businesses with more than one person who would need, or with a mix of card not present and card swiped transactions.


  • Qwickpay prices are determined by resellers.
  • 3D Merchant price for QwickPAY (Apple) – one time charge of $90. – includes iDynamo SCRA*. No transaction or other fees.
  • 3D Merchant price for QwickPAY (Android)  – one time charge of
    $130. – includes application, set up, and BulleT SCRA. * No transaction or other fees.
    *  Requires new merchant account with guaranteed price match to your existing merchant account.


  • Qwickpay is sold through limited authorized resellers, usually payment processors. Call yours to ask for pricing and availability.
  • A merchant account is needed.
  • Contact 3D Merchant Services for QwickPay or CenPOS

1 thought on “Magtek Qwickpay Mobile Review

  1. I bought a Qwick Pay credit card service back in October for over $100. I
    have been paying $20 a month for this unused service. I tried
    calling them to set up the app on my phone. The woman had me delete the
    app and reinstall it. Then I had to set my phone to factory setting
    resulting in loss of pics video phone numbers etc. Then I asked
    the woman if I could have someone ELSE call me because of my hearing
    impairment and her accent made it really hard to understand. Instead
    the same woman kept calling. So then I have a woman I work with
    call, she cant get the service to work. Then I have my bf call and ask
    them to call him since I have a HEARING IMPAIRMENT. No call.

    So then I start writing emails. No response. Oh wait yeah I got a phone message that literally was half a message. So I call
    Qwick Pay tech support. It gets to the point where that woman tells me
    to call my rep. I tell her I want to
    speak to a manager. I actually demand it. I tell her my story and
    apologize to her bc I know its not her fault, but I did want her to
    understand how frustrating this whole situation was. So I’m
    told to call the Phoenix group. Well what the heck is that? Never
    heard of it! This woman is getting snappy, of course I must of heard of
    it because that’s where my Qwick Pay came from. No lady, sorry I have
    NEVER heard of it! So I call this Phoenix group. Ask to speak with a
    specific man. Never got to talk to him. I explain my whole situation
    again and am told that this group CAN NOT cancel my account because I
    need to talk to another company!
    So I call whatever company I’m
    told to and ohhh guess what?! They are closed! I got a name and number
    and I’ll tell you what, this Kristin chick better be at work tomorrow
    because I am way past upset now. I have been paying for months for a
    service I can not use.
    I have made more then several attempts to
    fix this problem. I had to reset my phone to factory settings which I
    am pretty sure had nothing to do with the app installation bc it still
    didn’t work. I keep getting the run around. Its funny they sure were
    speedy to set up my account, but closing it? I have talked to 4
    different people in the last hour and not one of the three companies can
    cancel! Really? Who else has my bank account number because I was
    under the impression only Qwick Pay did?!

    I would have LOVED
    to use this service but after all this BS, I am done with this
    company and I strongly suggest people DO NOT USE QWICK PAY!!!!

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