magstripe card readers for CenPOS

What magstripe card reader can I use with CenPOS payment processing software? We recommend the Magtek USB with Keyboard Emulation Software Interface.

  1. The SureSwipe Reader with USB interface and Keyboard Emulation mode. The SureSwipe reader captures 3 tracks of data from all ISO and AAMVA encoded magnetic stripe cards. A green/red LED indicator on the reader provides the operator with status of the reader operations.
  2. Mini Swipe Reader (USB)– same features as above unit, but smaller size. P/N 21040108 Black or  P/N 21040107 white, MSRP $85. MOST POPULAR.

Please check part numbers if you order from unknown suppliers to make sure you have the latest unit.

Magtek card readers enable merchants to have more locations to accept swiped credit card transactions where the merchant does not need electronic signature and pin-debit benefits. Two industries that use this solution are automotive and wholesale b2b suppliers.

For the automotive industry, the swipe devices (magstripe card readers) are typically used in F&I areas for after hours transactions, or offices that do not have high volume, but where it’s inconvenient for the customer to go to the signature capture terminal.

Wholesale B2B suppliers may have many salespeople at the counter servicing commercial accounts. These typically do not have much debit and they are regular customers so it’s a perfect solution to improve checkout efficiency especially for the early morning rush. Careful though, we are seeing a huge increase in debit even in B2B, so it’s important to monitor the account transaction types to ensure this is cost effective.

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Reference Standards ISO and AAMVA
Power Input From USB
Recording Method Two-frequency coherent phase (F2F)
Card Speed 3 – 60 i.p.s. (forward or reverse)
Card Types ISO and AAMVA (drivers license)

2 thoughts on “magstripe card readers for CenPOS

  1. Will the USB credit card readers from: work with CenPOS? They seem to be quite a bit cheaper than the MagTek brand credit card readers.

    • Nice try on the link stuffing Tony. Yes, your card readers would work, but I wouldn’t recommend them because there is no encryption. This is an old article so the original referenced product is no longer a valid suggestion. We only recommended card readers with Secure Card Reader Authenticator technology now. The newer style readers have the industry standard Triple DES encryption which provides a higher degree of security for merchants.

      All new Magtek products include SCRA. Merchants should replace older products without SCRA immediately. They card readers typically start at $50 and up. Anything less and merchants should be suspect of the whether the product has Triple DES encryption.

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