iPad credit card terminal: LightSpeed Mobile vs CenPOS

This mobile POS review compares 6 features for swiping credit cards via an iPad mobile app. The features are:

 FEATURE LightSpeed Mobilelightspeed mobile payment app  CENPOScenpos mobile payment app
Credit card processing- is the app compatible with many merchant services companies or is it proprietary?  proprietary * Site lists preferred partners, does not indicate exclusivity.  universal
Can the app store or use tokens in the transaction process. Tokens replace sensitive payment data. By enabling tokens for repeat customers, merchants can gain insights into customers.  no yes
Scalability: is it one app = one account, or can a merchant access data by user, by location, etc. Is it part of a suite of solutions to reduce PCI burden? centralized control & reporting  centralized control & reporting
Multi-channel: are all channels integrated with one reporting hub?  yes, not clear to what extent for reconciliation  yes
Fee relief: does the app have any intelligence to help merchants manage the cost of accepting payments, including swipe vs. key entered?  no  yes
Data storage: How long is data retrievable for? Searchable and exportable data helps reduce reduce audit costs, creates efficiencies, and improves business insights ? 7 year minimum
Worthy Notes: Mac front and back end with inventory management across stores. Robust POS solution- the payment portion is 3rd party CenPOS is a private cloud suite of solutions compatible with light integration options to other software.
Business model: User licenses per location SaaS, per merchant ID

The review is based on publicly available information at the time of this writing. Technology products can change rapidly and readers are encouraged to review respective web sites for the latest information.

There are 62 Point of Sale (POS) apps listed on Infinite Peripherals App Partners. Infinite Peripherals is a leading provider of POS hardware for Apple products including the iPad.

To keep the list manageable the topics list is relatively small so merchants can see at a glance key differences. Your blog author, Christine Speedy, sells the CenPOS private cloud suite of payment processing solutions, that includes a free mobile app, compatible with all Infinite Peripherals products. Although other apps are also available from our partners, usually they don’t stack up to CenPOS after a consultation.

For more comparisons, search for this subject title: iPad credit card terminal.

For CenPOS sales, please ask for Christine Speedy.

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