Ingenico i5100 dual comm review

The Ingenico 5100 dual comm countertop terminal and cost effective solution for low to mid- volume transaction levels. It has a built in pin pad for debit card pin code entry and the unit is small enough to hand over to customers to enter their pin number. It’s smart card capable, plus¬†fully EMV and PCI PED approved.

The i5100 is an IP -enabled countertop transaction terminal capable of operating in either dial up or IP communication modes. Operating in IP mode, the transaction speeds are decreased to as few as 4 seconds, thus offering the merchant improved checkout speed and service. Capable of handling credit, debit, and other magnetic card transactions such as loyalty, prepaid and more, the i5100 is a versatile, robust and cost efficient way for merchants everywhere to accept electronic payments.

ingenico 5100 terminal
Width: 21.00 cm 8.27 in Height: 7.50 cm 2.95 in
Lenght: 9.50 cm 3.74 in Weight: 600.00 g 1.32 lb
Built in features:
* 15.00 lines/second print speed

* 128*64 Pixels
* Monochrome
* Backlit

* 18 Keys
* Backlit
* Smart card reader EMV 4.0 certified Level 1 and 2
* Magnetic card reader

Certain features are optional, please consult the datasheet to get more information
Wide area network communication:
* ISDN modem
* Dial up modem
* A Plug>It slot enables merchants to expand the terminal communication capabilities to include Wi-Fi and external GPRS.

* RS 232


Small size, low cost, proven reliability, dual comm makes for easy back up if one communication system goes down.  No separate pin pad. Works with most processors so you can switch without having to buy new equipment.


If the pin pad fails, the entire unit needs to be sent out for repair and key injection again.

Can I use the 5100 for multi-merchant ?
No, the 5100 is not a multimerchant terminal.

MSRP $299

3D Merchant i5100 terminal price

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