Hypercom T7 Plus $69 sale

The Hypercom T7Plus is a diehard credit card terminal. With supplies nearly gone, prices are discounted heavily.  Now priced at $69 with a new merchant account, as long as supplies last.  It’s probably one of the most popular terminals ever made because of it’s reliability.

hypercom t7p hypercom t7plus 1 MB

Price is for the newer 1 MB model shown on far right.

Is this the right terminal for you? Choose if this is your situation:

  • Small business with retail swipe transactions
  • You need a solution to hold you over for less than 3 years
  • You’re cash short and just need something
  • You want a back up for other units you already have

Do not choose if this is your situation:

  • Key enter transactions only  (Choose one of our computer based virtual terminals instead, and never pay for hardware again.)
  • Process more than $50,000/mth. (Call for one of our solutions that provides more merchant value- protecting against internal and external fraud, reduces credit card processing costs with any processor automatically etc)


This item is not for sale with your existing merchant account. Other terminals are available to use with your existing merchant account. Call for advice.

Read about the Hypercom T7Plus end of life.


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