Hypercom T7 Plus

The Hypercom T7Plus is designed for merchants requiring a compact countertop POS terminal which accepts all magnetic stripe cards and delivers fast, online transaction authorizations. Sale price $151.

CUSTOMER FEEDBACK: This is one of the most reliable POS terminals on the market in 2008.

The T7Plus delivers more – with peripheral acceptance of contactless RF cards and fobs. The compact terminal is also EMV4.0 certified. With its 35 or 19-key configuration, it initiates daily functions and transactions with one simple step.

The T7Plus utilizes the SureLoad printer which allows simple paper roll replacement – paper rolls can be dropped in place without time-consuming feeding through slots and rollers. The printer also supports longer paper rolls for fewer paper changes and its see-through paper holder alerts cashiers to low paper conditions.

The T7Plus is customizable. It’s the first of its kind to offer bi-lingual screen displays. Big 5 Chinese and English can be shown simultaneously, meeting the needs of Chinese-speaking merchants and cashiers.

* PED Certified
* EMV approved
* All major certifications – please see our website for the complete listing


* General Retail
* Multi-merchant
* Restaurants
* Pharmacies
* Grocery stores
* C-stores

Product Data
High Performance. Low Cost.

* Compact design Available in 35 and 19-key configurations
* “One-touch” feature  Allows common functions at the push of a button
* Multi-merchant feature Up to 20 unique merchant IDs in one terminal
* Value-added application support  Check, loyalty, EBT and prepaid applications
* Large paper roll  2″ and 3″, 80mm paper roll for more transactions
* Trusted & stable Low failure rates
* Modem Up to 56K
* Contactless payment  External readers support for cards and fobs
* Security  Boot lock feature protects against unauthorized reloading
* Visa PED  Optional, integrated PINpad model available

Convenience at the Point of Service
Simple, Easy to Use Features

* One-touch capability initiates all daily functions with one straightforward step, which makes for easy operation and reduced training times
* SureLoad thermal printer design alerts cashiers to low paper conditions and allows paper to be simply dropped into place, which eliminates paper jams
* Full-featured, secure terminal management system including local or web-based options
* Industry-leading software includes the functionality necessary to introduce value-added opportunities to the merchant in an integrated application.

Fast, Time-Saving Performance

* Fastest dial transactions in the business
* Download remotely in a fraction of the time to load other terminals with an optional 56K modem
* For deployment, use the terminal cloning feature with a fast-load cable to download terminals even faster. Use a multi-loader to download up to 12 terminals simultaneously!
* Graphics-capable thermal printer produces receipts in half the time of previous generation printers, which allows merchants to print logos and coupons directly at the POS.

Reliable Results

* For challenging installations that have limited phone lines to spare, the integrated RS-485 capability enables multiple units to utilize one phone line through the addition of a Hypercom dial concentrator
* Backwards compatible with existing T7 family software for an extensive software library, which reduces training time and certification requirements
* Connect devices such as check imagers, PIN pads and check readers using the additional peripheral port to provide more payment choices
* Low cost of ownership due to one of the lowest failure rates ever for a device of its kind. Combined with its secure design and certifications from all major processors, the T7Plus is a complete, cost effective solution for any implementation.

Optional Accessories
Paper Rolls

* The huge 80mm paper roll is available in 2″ and 3″ rolls.

Fast Load Cable

* The terminal cloning feature allows downloads to up to 12 terminals simultaneously

On sale as of December 30, 2008. Hypercom T7 Plus POS special.

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