Hypercom T4210 price

Our Hypercom T4210 terminal price for 5 or more units is $202, reduced from MSRP $389.  Hypercom’s Optimum T4210 is a dial solution with built in PCI PED approved pin debit.

Model Number: T4210-351R
OEM Part Number: 010332-351R

Single unit price $229

Discount price 5+ units $202

Pin debit encryption $25,  1-4 units

Pin encryption $20,  5+ units

Pin debit encryption must be completed at an approved facility. We recommend you contact your current processor for encryption instructions so that your unit can be shipped ready for pin debit. You’ll need to download the merchant application for your processor on receipt. Full programming and deployment services are available. No merchant account is required to get these prices.
The T4210 has high-end features normally found in only more expensive IP and wireless models, such as 24MB of total memory, an ARM9 processor for fast transactions and also multi-application. The T4210 is also PCI PED approved so that you can support debit with or without an external PIN pad. Accept chip card transactions with the optional EMV-approved reader. This makes the Optimum T4210 ideal for magnetic stripe and chip card transactions worldwide. With one of the most slim form factors of any countertop device, it is also perfect for handover environments.

The modular design of the T4210 is unique, protecting your investment while you grow. With its large capacity memory, the T4210 accepts value-added applications to meet your needs now and in the future. Truly maximizing value at the point of service!

– PCI PED Approved
EMV Level 1 & 2
– MasterCard PTSP Approved
– Interac Certified
– RoHS & China RoHS Compliant

– Retail and restaurant
– Small ticket sales
– e-commerce
– Dynamic check conversion
– Check verification
– Gift and loyalty
– Retail tip

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