Hypercom Optimum T4205 Review from $139

Who should buy the VeriFone’s Optimum T4205? It’s a Dial Solution For Small Businesses That Doesn’t Compromise.

VeriFone’s Optimum T4205 is everything small merchants need, nothing they don’t. Built on the successful T4200 platform, it can run existing T4200 applications without modification or re-certification. 24MB of total memory is standard, with an ARM9 processor for fast transactions and multi-application support. It’s PCI PED approved, so it supports debit with or without external PIN pad. Optional EMV reader for Chip and PIN transactions is available.

COMMENTS: If you have a compatible pin pad, you may want to keep using it. If your device gets the pin debit encryption blown, you’ll have to send the entire unit out for repair, instead of just the pinpad. On the other hand, if you don’t accept pin debit now, it only costs a little bit more to get a new terminal. Because it’s so inexpensive, I do not recommend buying the 3 year overnight replacement guarantee. Instead, if it breaks and you can’t afford the downtime, just buy another one.

HARDWARE: The unit is small and rugged enough for most uses. Since it doesn’t require an external pin pad, you’ll be passing it back to the customer after you swipe if you have pin debit enabled on your merchant account.

PROS: Integrated pin debit, and optional EMV make this unit a low cost choice that will almost certainly meet PCI compliance standards for many years.

CONS: Requires a phone line, an extra expense for a small business.

3D Merchant RECOMMENDS FOR:  Very small businesses with low average ticket, low risk, 100% card swiped transactions. Examples: Pediatricians, rural businesses, seasonal businesses, gift shops. For higher volume small businesses, if you have internet access at the POS, contact us for alternative solutions.

Specifications From Verifone, which acquired Hypercom some time ago:

Simple, Easy-To-Use Features

  • Runs familiar T4200 family of applications without need for re-certification
  • Large, ADA-style, 19-key layout allows for easy key recognition
  • Slim form factor makes it perfect for handover installations

Speed, Power, Performance

  • V.34 modem provides superior performance for faster downloads and transfers
  • The ARM9, 32-bit processor provides speed and functionality
  • 24MB standard memory to easily handle software size increases and value-added applications, such as gift and prepaid

High Security, Great Value

  • PCI PED approved for PIN transactions
  • Peripheral options include check imagers, PIN pads and contactless check readers
  • Meets the most stringent security regulations in the industry
  • HyperSafe®32 architecture protects against unauthorized loading of applications


Online stores range from $140 to $169

3D Merchant price: $99 with a new merchant account, $139 without, plus $10 flat rate shipping. Continental USA only.


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  1. How can I settle a batch when i keep getting a message that states settlement unsuccessful. I can not process another payment. Please help.

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