Hypercom announces end of life for L4250

End of life notice and full product description of the Hypercom Optima L4250. Should you buy a product after the end of life notice. Editor reviews.

End of Life Notice Regarding Optimum L4250 Payment Terminal from Hypercom:
As part of our continued focus toward providing our customers and partners the highest level of service, quality and security, Hypercom wants to inform you of our plans to End of Life (EOL) the Optimum L4250 Payment Terminal.    The important dates listed below signify the termination of the Optimum L4250 Payment Terminal support and availability:
Final Order Date: Hypercom will cease taking orders for all configurations of the Optimum L4250 payment terminals after October 31st, 2011.

  • Customers will have the opportunity to submit a final order for the product or for spare parts until the Final Order Date.
  • Final Ship Date: Hypercom’s intention is that all Optimum L4250 orders placed prior to October 31st, 2011 will be shipped no later than January 31st, 2012.
  • End of Development Date: There will be no new Hypercom sponsored hardware or software development after the final order date of October 31st, 2011. Software bug fixes will continue until the End of Service date (below).
  • Repair support will be available for customers for three years after the final ship date, as component availability permits, unless otherwise explicitly agreed between Hypercom and its customers.

End of Service Date: On January 31st, 2015, service and repair of all configurations of the Optimum L4250 Payment Terminal will be discontinued. Spare parts will not be guaranteed to be available after this date.
Hypercom recommends and encourages our customers and partners to begin an action plan to migrate your Optimum L4250 products and applications to an alternative Hypercom product line. The Hypercom L5000 payment terminals provide affordable and higher performance successor products that meets today’s most stringent security standards and also leverages the same FPE32 software application code base and interface as the Optimum L4250 payment terminals. Please contact your local sales person for additional information or visit the Hypercom web-site at .
The POS industry is one of the fastest growing in the world. Constant improvements and advancements in technology encourage us to incorporate these changes for the benefit of our customers. As a global leader in the POS industry, Hypercom stands ready to assist our partners in implementing these changes. If we can assist with your migration efforts to the latest applications and terminal platforms, please contact your Hypercom representative today.


Optimum L4250 hypercom

Here’s compact streamlining at its best: the Optimum L4250. Easy to use and attractive at the same time, using Hypercom’s innovative, dual-sided, bi-directional magnetic stripe reader means your customers won’t have to deal with frustrating fumbles. In fact, you get accurate card data reads well beyond the nominal swipe-speed range so you can reduce lanes slowdowns and cashier interactions.

The unit’s large, easy-to-read LCD screen not only offers outstanding signature capture, it lets you communicate branding and merchandizing messages quickly. Custom screens are easy to update and let you extend loyalty campaigns and promotional specials.

The Optimum L4250 not only looks fast, it is fast – its Intel XScale® 32-bit processor rockets transactions to the ECR/payment device. It also supports advanced communications like USB and Ethernet for even faster transaction speed. This is how you turn every lane into the fast lane.

Race-Track Speed. Security In Every Lane:
  • Proven Forms Processing Engine — Assured rapid integration
  • Intel XScale® 32-bit processor — Fast transaction speed
  • Streamlined space-saver — Small footprint
  • PCI-PED approved — Online PIN code verification
  • Permanent privacy screen — Maximum customer security
  • DES/Triple DES DUKPT — Secure key management
Fast Performance Comes Standard:
  • Speeds customer check-out with optional dual-sided, bi-directional magnetic strip reader, for 99.99% first-read rate when customers swipe their cards
  • Maximizes transaction time through fast data transmission: Intel XScale® 32-bit processor, RS-232, and powered USB port
  • Adapts to new payment methods: the Optimum L4200 can be configured with an integrated ISO 14443 A & B contactless RF reader and EMV-approved, ISO 7816-compatible chip card reader
  • Allows proven POS integration, screen creation, customer-activated signature capture and remote terminal management via state-of-the-art Hypercom FPE32 software
Customer Security on Every Lane:
  • Maximizes security with Derived Unique Key Per Transaction (DUKPT) key management and Message Authentication Code (MAC)
  • Protects valuable cardholder PINs with fast Data Encryption Standard (DES) and Triple DES for secure encryption
  • Complies with California’s Financial Code for visually disabled persons
Usability Arrives with Cost-Effectiveness Built In:
  • Gives customers easy signature space and onscreen graphics with an economical 220 x 80 16-shade grayscale display
  • Extends usable life-cycle with 100,000-hour backlight
  • Uses non-powered stylus, without on-board electronics, to reduce replacement cost significantly: you avoid a common industry breakpoint
  • Maximizes unit life and minimizes returns for repair due to screen damage thanks to its auto-sensing screen protection system
  • Offers superior clarity with unique Terrapin overlay: its resistance to tacking and scratching means it lasts far longer than anti-static material
  • Saves time and money, since on-premise screen protector replacement means there’s no need to send terminals to the factory to replace glass screens

EDITORS NOTE: As per the memo, the product will be supported for years to come and it is still being sold. The most interesting aspect of the newer products in the multilane line is Hypercom’s HyperSafe Remote Key System (HRKS) which allows for the remote terminal key injection at the point-of-sale. In the past if the pin debit injection was blown, merchants had to send to a secure facility for a new injection.

Editor Recommendation: If you’re on a tight budget and are not reliant upon the features of the new devices, including color advertising, this is still a very viable product and good value. Note also that end of life does not mean merchants cannot use the product, but it creates a timeline for when manufacturer support will stop. Payment processors may not allow merchants to board new accounts with the L4250 after January 2015, but even after that, existing merchants can usually continue to use the product until it breaks.



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