Free Credit Card Virtual Terminal

Get a free virtual terminal to use with your existing or new merchant account with purchase of PCI Compliant, private cloud payment SaaS. The virtual terminal is the transaction and reporting hub for all electronic payment sources, including credit card and check. A rules-based solution, merchants manage user permissions, fraud tools, and acceptable payment types for single and multiple locations.

Key features:

  • Token billing- Tokens replace sensitive card data with random alpha numeric characters. Merchants can then charge the card again, with customer permission, by retrieving the token. Use for one off charges, schedule a series of payments, set up recurring billing, or create an installment agreement.
  • Intelligent: Automatically prompts users for all required fields to qualify transactions for the lowest qualified interchange rate possible at the time of authorization.
  • Reporting: 7 years data. Search includes search by name, a frequently requested field, among others.
  • One hub for all sources, including iPhone, online payments, swipe, and key entered.
  • Audit trail: all attempted transactions by user in addition to all activity (adding users, changing permissions etc). The reports for completed sales alone can help reduce the cost of external audits

free credit card virtual terminal

Contact Christine Speedy for more information about virtual terminals, (954) 942-0483.



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