First Data FD400 review

First Data launched the FD400, the first low-cost, battery-powered, wireless point-of-sale terminal using 3G wireless network technology.  For merchants who do not have constant access to both a power source and communication line, it’s awesome. Even without the datasheet we expect shortly it’s obvious this unit is a step above prior wireless units. We’ve had our hands on this unit for a few weeks and it worked flawlessly. It’s compact, lightweight and is the best in class we’ve seen to date.

Key elements are:

  • Removes connectivity dilemma. Works with 3G wireless networks and direct internet connection; tested great with AT&T wireless.
  • Encrypts and stores data to send later in the day if you somehow lose connectivity; this ensures you will get preferred swiped interchange rates vs other methods.
  • All in one solution includes printer.
  • Lightweight and rugged build.
  • Built in pinpad so customers can pay the way they want to and merchants can take advantage of lower cost debit network fees. Meets 2010 PED Triple DES security compliance requirements

Target markets:

  • Restaurants- customers don’t have to let cards out of site. Protect the merchant and the customer from potential fraud.
  • Trade shows- wherever you are, you can accept payments.
  • Venues- deliver whatever your fans want, wherever they are.
  • The terminal features long battery life and runs on 3G wireless protocol.

The First Data FD400 offers wireless payment processing including credit, debit, gift card, loyalty, check and electronic benefits transfer. Other features include an over the air software download ability for application updates,  rechargeable battery, store-and-forward capability for offline capture and upload of transactions in non-coverage areas.

In stock and ready for immediate sale. As an authorized TASQ reseller, this equipment is available without any requirement to change merchant processors. This page will be updated as more information is released from First Data. Where to buy FD400 wireless terminal.

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