First Data FD200Ti Terminal

The First Data FD200Ti desktop terminal features a built-in checkreader and imager that processes checks through the TeleCheck Electronic Check Acceptance® (ECA) service, which verifies the customer’s checking history and, as an option, offers a warranty service. While the check reader/imager processes paper checks, the device’s magnetic strip reader accepts  all major credit and debit cards.

FD200ti terminal

Connectivity is via Internet protocol, dial-up or (optionally) Wi-Fi. As an option, the FD200Ti also offers Dynamic Currency conversion (DCC) service, which makes it possible for international customers to pay in their credit  card currency. (Merchants must also have the service turned on.)

First Data suggests this unit for the following industries

  • Grocery
  • Retail
  • Restaurant
  • Travel and Entertainment
  • Direct Marketing

REVIEWERS NOTES: This is the most robust of the new First Data Ti series.


  • Merchants can use one machine for both checks and credit cards.
  • Flexible connectivity options, including wifi.
  • Heavy duty and fast for high traffic.


  • All FD series terminals only work with First Data. This one further locks the merchant into Telecheck as well. If you want to be flexible with payment processor options, choose something else.
  • No integrated debit pin pad, but one can be added.
  • Like all desktop terminals, credit card processing costs are dependent upon terminal settings and cashier actions. With todays changing payments industry, it seems like a heavy investment in an old way of accepting payments.

Recommendations: Choose this terminal if you are certain you want to have an account with First Data for at least the next three years, including any ISO that processes on the First Data platform, plus telecheck, AND you have a limited number of locations. Pricing: $595. Add $155 for 3 year overnight replacement service. pricing with new merchant account:  $535.

Not sure if you want to be with First Data and Telecheck for three years? Ask about our universal hosted payment processing solution. Merchant equipment options include integrated signature capture, pin debit, gift card, EBT and check all in one terminal.  Works with all major payment processors.

3 thoughts on “First Data FD200Ti Terminal

  1. Since this post, we have integrated check processing other solutions. This is a great piece of hardware if it fits your needs. But before you decide which is best for your company, I suggest you review two items.
    1. Condensed merchant guide to payments related legislative updates 2010 to 2012.

    2. Technology solution for checks and credit cards. Here are some differences of the FD200 desktop terminal vs our technology platform- CenPOS.
    – All check and credit card sales and dozens of other reports available with a single login, regardless of point of entry.
    – The FD200 locks you into First Data for processing and Telecheck for check processing. With CenPOS, you can choose from multiple certified check and credit card processors, including First Data and switch at any time, without disrupting operations. It’s a simple host update, not at the store level, so all your reporting remains the same for research and controls.
    – Automatically steer customers to lower cost debit and convert more pin-debit to reduce risk of chargeback.
    – Automatic interchange optimazation

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  3. Merchant FAQ June 201, 2014
    What is current price? As of today, we have no refurbished units available. New units are $575 without a new merchant account.
    Is there a lease available? Leases are typically offered only by the holder of the merchant account. Contact your merchant services provider for a quote. Often, this will result in a multi-year commitment to a merchant account. The alternative is you ask your bank about leasing or contact a 3rd party leasing company.

    GOOD TO KNOW: The FD200ti supports EMV chip card technology ONLY with required FD35 PIN pad.

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