Debit Interchange update

Recent alert from Chase Paymentech for Tier 4 Retail merchants (less than $450M in Interlink sales/ 13 M transactions):
Interlink Network = $.75% + $.15 (no cap), switch fee $.04
Pulse network- added new small ticket category- registration is required to receive this rate

Customers process most transactions using the Visa/Mastercard Interchange system which includes a % of transaction sale, plus per transaction fee for most businesses. The debit network works outside of interchange. Most businesses access this network by installing a PIN PAD attachment to their terminals. The debit network enables merchants to process most transactions for a FLAT PER TRANSACTION FEE instead of a PERCENTAGE FEE. If you do not have a pin pad or do not know if you are taking advantage of the lower cost debit network, CALL NOW.

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