Credit card processing for Shift4 customers

We frequently encounter companies in the hospitality industry using Shift4 software, that could significantly benefit from our FPS payment processing services. There’s no need to change what’s working for you. You can enjoy all the benefits of Shift4 and additionally benefit from our expertise in the payment processing industry.

It’s rare that we find a shift4 customer (personally, I haven’t see one yet) that would not receive immediate financial savings with our help. There are two specific critical issues:
1. Chargeback management
2. Better price plan

It’s not just a matter of one company matching a specific offer by another. We have specific industry expertise to help you permanently control your credit card processing costs. And the best part? There is no cost to you! Even if there is a fee for a software update, you’ll recoup that fee and more in the first month.

You may think this article is a bit vague, but we do have to keep some secrets from the internet to maintain our competitive edge. When you share some of your information (who you are, merchant statements) we promise to share some of our information – specific enough for you to act on.

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