voice VRU fee – glossary of authorization fees

What is voice ? VRU fee?
Cardholder Voice Response Unit (VRU). Provides access to current balance information and other valuable prepaid card services including card activation, transaction history, PIN selection, change VRU password, suspend card, reactivate card, and transfer to Customer Service Representative (CSR).

Electronic AVS- AVS (Address Verification System): Available to merchants who key transactions which matches the street number and zip code of the cardholder with the information given to the merchant. This allows the merchant to verify that the person requesting the goods or services is the person who owns the cards. Creates a small transaction fee, and therefore is not recommended for convenience stores. Due to reduced risk of fraud, entering the information can lower your interchange qualification. Ideal for large ticket, appliance, furniture and B2B building supply industries.

Voice Authorization or Voice AVS: Voice AVS is manually verifying the address of a card holder against the card by calling the card in to the processors help desk.

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