How do Paymentech Resource Online (ROL) and CenPOS complement each other?

What is Resource Online and how does that compare to CenPOS? Many CenPOS clients also have access to Resource Online, also known as ROL, a Chase Paymentech credit card processing online reports solution. A crucial difference in products is that CenPOS is a platform to manage and control your various payment processing methods BEFORE the sale, view data in real time, and analyze data. ROL provides a simple window into payment information AFTER batch settlement. CenPOS is the hub for both accepting payments and 95% of post sale data needs. ROL is the other 5% of time when circumstances warrant it.

“Resource Online is a suite of Web-based data-management tools for retail or card-present merchants.” 2/2012, Chase Paymentech

ROL is a static relatively static tool for merchants to look at processing information after batching out, including the ability to download statements.  CenPOS enables merchants to look at data in real time, and with more extensive research tools, plus set up unlimited automated actions and report distributions. They both have a place to serve the merchant. Many CenPOS users rarely use ROL, however, if you don’t use it, your account will be closed automatically, so login at least once every 60 days. We recommend that you set up Instant Alerts for Chargebacks and Retrievals as well, because CenPOS has no way of knowing if your customers dispute a sale.

Transaction data after settlement real time
Batch info yes yes
Chargeback / dispute info yes no
Retrievals yes signed receipts on demand; any type transaction receipt on demand
Data storage time 12 months 7 years
non-qualified interchange report Yes, with reason codes, but some transactions will show non-qualified even though that is the best qualification. It’s useful, but not perfect. Key graphic metric available in real-time on dashboard; eliminates need to search.
User /Cashier transaction report no yes
interchange fees Yes, on statements downloaded. No- only on processor statements.
Transaction research Enter date range, then limited number of fields. Enter date range, then choose from 4 filters or dynamically drill down the list by entering any data field
Data analytics Extremely limited- manual process Unlimited capabilities with automated calculations and distribution of reports. Popular reports ready at a glance.

When do you login to Resource Online? When you need to download a merchant statement, respond to a chargeback (retrieve receipt from CenPOS), or if you run into a reconcilation issue that requires special analysis.

When do you use CenPOS? For all payment processing from all sources, paperless reconciliation, and all the other benefits you chose CenPOS for. Review HR data with hourly sales by amount and transaction count, risk analysis reports, heat map of where your customers came from, refunds and many, many other tools at your fingertips.


resource online screenshot

resource online screenshot- directory of items available

transaction search in Resource Online

transaction search in Resource Online


cenpos transaction report

Cenpos transaction report. One of many reports instantly available, with simple drill down to find what you need.


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