Nurit 8020 M20 wireless terminal review

The NURIT 8020 is the best wireless terminal with pin debit available today. It’s a PCI PED approved secure handheld solution and probably the best selling wireless payment device in the world.
nurit 8000 wireless terminal
There are four reasons this unit should be at the top of your wireless terminal list.

First, the PED or Pin Entry Device meets 2010 pin debit standards. Not all units being sold on the internet meet this standard so merchants need to be careful in choosing. The PED is integrated into the handheld unit and is standard, not an option. All you need is the right merchant account to take advantage of pin debit rates transactions. Even though pin debit rates are increasing, merchants will still benefit from reduced risk by eliminating chargebacks.

pci ped certified 2010

Second, it has electronic signature capture. With the large memory capability, this can again help you reduce risk if you have back office operations to integrate to (for signature, not card data storage).
Nurit 8000 signature capture

Third, it’s EMV approved. In a global world, this provides additional capability to accept a wider variety of cards including chip-based payment cards.

emv certified

Fourth, the Nurit units have a long history of reliability both for the unit and connectivity.  Connect via Wifi, GSM, phone and TCP/IP.

If you have one event a year, this is could be over-kill, but it also depends on what you have at risk for that one day.

The number of wireless credit card machines coming on the market is exploding, but for ‘road warriors’ this is a great dependable unit with all the features a merchant could want- there is no better at the time of this writing.

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