credit card processing recommendation for religious 501c3

A reader asks, “I noticed your video about non-profits being able to take advantage of emerging markets rates. I’m curious how that works if you do not fit into the emerging market categories as you address in your blog? I am a religious 501c3 and am in the process of getting rate quotes from various merchants and one mentioned this program to me. But, they have high monthly fees and we will have a very low amount of processing in our first year (less than $25k).”

Response: I’ve written about this before. For low volumes like yours it really makes almost no difference who you’re processing with. Most of the fee you pay cannot be avoided and the difference from low to high end costs isn’t worth the effort in my opinion. Maybe you’ll save $100 a year, maybe nothing. You’d be better off focusing on doubling your donations than trimming a very small amount in fees.

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